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Sound-off: Fall break

In the 2012-2013 calendar year, the University will implement a five-day fall break for students in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. To compensate for the change, reading week and finals week will each be shortened by two days. Students passing through Commons Tuesday morning, one day after President Levin announced the change to faculty, weighed in.

This is the first of a weekly series featuring student opinion on hot topics.

“I think the changes are a really good idea. Fall semester is way too long without a break, and it just tires people out. We need the rest to do our best in the second half of the semester. Also, not having one makes it difficult for freshmen to understand how Yale works. Going the first 12, 13 weeks of the semester without a break, some freshmen get burned out.”

  • Kyle Killeen ’12

“I think that’s a great idea. I’m a senior, and in my experience it’s very easy to become completely exhausted by the end of fall semester. You work non-stop for three months without a break.”

  • Jacob Levine ’11

“They should definitely do that. Fall semester is so stressful, there’s a lot to do, and most schools have a break, so we should have it too. I don’t think [a shorter reading week] would be a problem. For most people reading week is a bit boring; people don’t do much aside from watching movies.”

  • Daniel Aineah ’14

“It sounds terrible. It’s really inconsiderate of the many people at the University who live too far for a five-day vacation to be feasible. I guess it’s convenient for people from Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey, but I’m from Texas. Not only would it be really expensive [to go home for five days], it’s just not feasible.”

  • Jordon Walker ’13

“Sounds good. I think it’s just good to have breaks.”

  • Cong Li GRD ’16

  • coldy

    Jordon Walker is right — it’d be interesting to see the geographical breakdown of these respondents. If one lives on the East Coast this is a godsend. Midwest or West Coast (or international!), maybe not so much.

  • Hounie13

    The point of fall break shouldn’t necessarily be to go home. I’m from NY and I don’t plan on going home for Fall Break, nor do I think most people will. The point is to give you a break from classes and work so that you can take some time to relax around Yale or catch up on sleep/work in the middle of the semester. You can do that from your room at Yale.

  • silliwin01

    Any break is better than no break. Don’t be ridiculous here.

  • silliwin01

    To elaborate, the week-long Thanksgiving Break is also infeasible for poorer students residing on the West Coast, yet no one complains about it. It seems very entitled and immature to instantly equate “break” with “trip home”.

  • Yale12

    Not true at all, silliwin. For one, Thanksgiving break isn’t 5 days like this break, which is Weds-Sun, it’s actually eight, which makes a significant difference. Also, lots of peoples’ families are willing to pay to have them come home for a holiday, but not for a random 5-day period in which parents will be working anyway, and no other college friends will be home.

  • bulldognut

    I don’t get it. according to the schedule,the long Thanksgiving break is still there so students still have those eight days to go home. If you live on the west coast, just stay at school, what’s the big deal? no one is forcing you to leave.

  • silliwin01

    I’m sorry, but I’m not rich, and I can’t justify paying over 800 dollars to fly home for eight days.

  • Yale12

    I’m not rich either. I pay for my own books/tuition at Yale. My priority, though, is spending time with my family over holidays, so if that means picking up extra hours at work, I do it. To each her own.

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