November 4th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Foley claims bag of uncounted ballots found in Bridgeport

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley claims a bag of uncounted, photocopied ballots has been found in Bridgeport, and is demanding that police impound them.

The discovery, which Foley’s camp announced in a press release Tuesday evening, comes after Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz ’83 announced in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that the race now hinges on results coming out of Bridgeport. The deadline to report results to Bysiewicz’ office was Wednesday night at 6 p.m., but as of the press conference the city had yet to hand in its totals. Bysiewicz had initially planned to announce the results tonight, but announced in a press release just after 6 p.m. that official results will not be available until tomorrow.

  • EdwardAnderson

    Wow, it wasn’t a bag of photocopied ballots. And they weren’t “uncovered” by the Foley campaign.

    I can understand the rush to get a story out there, but when it comes to partisan allegation of voter fraud, one would hope you’d pause to get the story straight.

    What happened is this. When, after the Republican and Democratic Registrars of Voters together ordered too few ballots, xeroxed, auxilliary ballots had to be used to record votes. That is standard procedure.

    However, the scanners can only read the pre-printed ballots. So the auxilliary ballots have to be hand-counted.

    The ballots in question came from the JFK school. Where unfortunately, the poll-workers refused to stay up all night to hand-count the auxilliary ballot, a task for which they hadn’t really been trained. To boot, the poll-workers had been working the polls from 5:30am-11pm, and they didn’t feel comfortable about doing a hand-count while tired.

    So those auxilliary ballots were sealed according to protocol, by officials from both parties, and taken to the Registrars’ office to be hand-counted later. What is so controversial about that?

    And yes, because of what happened it took Bridgeport an extra day to come to a formal final tally. Hardly amazing given the need to hand-count votes, and their desire to be as precise as possible following all the media attention that happened in the wake of not having enough ballots.

    Blame the Registrars. Call for their investigation. But don’t blame the poll-workers or those honest Bridgeport citizens, of both parties, who have been working hard to have a fair and accurate election, with fair and accurate results.