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Obama’s coming to Connecticut

President Obama will visit Bridgeport, Conn. on Oct. 30 to stump for the state’s Democratic candidates.

Just three days before the election, the president will speak at the city’s Arena at Harbor Yard at a time not yet decided.

Bridgeport Democratic town chairman Mario Testa told the Connecticut Post he believes the president’s visit was secured through appeals to First Lady Michelle Obama by U.S. Representative Jim Himes, Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal LAW ’73, and Bridgeport mayor Bill Finch.

“I guess she delivered,” he told the Post.

Himes, whose district includes Bridgeport, stands to gain perhaps the most of any candidate from the president’s visit. After narrowly defeating a 22-year Republican congressman Chris Shays in 2008, he faces a strong challenger in Republican State Senator Dan Debicella.

  • ccdemuth

    “…I am proud as hell of what we have accomplished…
    …I stand behind what we have done and what we have voted for…
    …I stand behind what this president and this congress has been able to do…
    …I am proud as hell, not just on the economy…
    …I am proud as hell…I’m just proud as hell.” – Jim Himes

    Jim Himes voted in favor of the $787 billion dollar stimulus plan. After saddling your family with over ten thousand dollars in additional debt, we still have a ten percent unemployment rate.

    Himes voted the healthcare bill into law, a law which is already projected to cost more than was advertised.

    Himes voted to increase our national debt by a record $1.9 trillion dollars, bringing our total debt to a new high of $12.4 trillion dollars.

    Himes voted with Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats 95% of the time.

    After two years of votes that create too few jobs but too big a role for government, most voters in Fairfield County disagree with each of these votes. Two-thirds of these voters think that Washington is on the wrong track. If you want more of the same, then there is an incumbent congressman who is “proud as hell” of our current direction, but if you think that there is a better way, then you should know that Dan Debicella ( http://www.debicella.com ) thinks so too. If you would like to help Dan get across his message of free enterprise and individual liberty, than you can do so here: https://debicella.blue-swarm.com/donate . Please give what you can because Fairfield County deserves better.