October 18th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Elevate raid hearings postponed

Zachary Fuhrer ’11 and three other students charged with misdemeanors in connection with the raid on Elevate Lounge during the Morse-Stiles screw Oct. 2 will have to wait another week for their court hearings, which have been postponed until next Tuesday.

The students’ lawyer, Hugh Keefe, said he has been afforded more time by the prosecutor to collect and look over several witness statements Keefe has collected from “various sources” at Yale. Keefe declined to comment on the nature or identity of these sources.

“Hopefully these cases will have a favorable resolution,” he said, adding that he hopes the students’ charges will be dismissed.

Fuhrer, a former Arts and Living editor for the News, and the other accused students declined to comment due to the pending legal proceedings.

  • Ciarrai

    A co-worker tells me that some Yale students who frequent the clubs in New Haven like to hang out with the thugs who also go to the clubs. Sounds like a modern version of the Kiplingesque desire to be with some wild, exotic beast. You know, we’ll experience this craziness while at Yale and then go off to our ordered existences when we graduate and leave this messy New Haven. The only problem, he says, is that some student may be killed during the search for the wild, exotic experience. He has seen females roaming about when the clubs/bars have closed. They don’t look so together at that point. They look as if they have been drinking. A lot. What’s with all this drinking by Yale students? Is the exposure to the wild, exotic worth ruining your health and maybe losing your life over?

  • FreddyHoneychurch


    Right. New Haven clubs are the exotic pinnacle for Yalies. How sad it would be if that’s all we had to look forward to.