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Residents criticize Yalies in Register editorials

Local residents slammed students for their complaints about the raid on Morse-Stiles screw two weekends ago at Elevate lounge in letters to the editor published in the Register’s Sunday editorial page.

One letter by Patricia M. Nere of Guilford, headlined “Yalies taste what townies take for granted, dismissed the events at Elevate as commonplace happenings, and criticized Yale students for thinking they were “untouchable.”

“When you are caught breaking laws, no matter how unreasonable you may find them, there are consequences,” Nere wrote.

Another letter, “Intellectuals pay for buffoonery” by Thomas Scoopo of New Haven, suggested that if Yalies sober up, the “outstanding” New Haven Police Department will treat them with more respect.

“If Yale University students begin to behave more like the intellectuals they profess to be, and less like the drunken buffoons they portray, they will realize they need to obey the lawful commands of a police officer,” Scoopo wrote.

And a third letter, “Police deliver civics lesson” by James Murphy of New Haven, called Yalies immature for their reaction to the police officers’ actions.

“Don’t argue or talk back to a policeman,” Murphy wrote. “The police are not your parents, and don’t have to take it.”

  • silliwin01

    Why don’t the townies recognize their police department is not infallible, and that these faults, when egregious, should not be taken for granted, but rather publicized so they can be rectified? For example, the NHPD needs to be called out on their abuse of emergency sirens and lights to skip through red lights. On numerous occasions I have witnessed police cruisers flip on their emergency equipment as they approach a red light, blaze through the intersection, and then immediately flip them off once they are through the crossing. It’s incredibly dangerous, seeing as the timing of the move fails to give cross traffic adequate time to respond, not to mention a blatant misuse of power.

  • penny_lane

    I like how they accuse everyone at the club of breaking the law, even though the cops only ended up finding one minor in possession of alcohol. One person breaking the law means that the harassment of over 100 was justified? Whatever, Patricia.

    Plus, I’d like to know what evidence Scoopo provided to back up his assertion that Yalies are drunken buffoons. Part of me suspects he might be mistaking the Q-Pac kids he sees running around on Saturday nights for Yalies. Could a link be provided, please?

  • Yale14


    Here’s your link: sit out on old campus on a saturday night. Enjoy.

  • penny_lane

    Yale14– Don’t be sassy to alums when all you got to back it up is a month and a half. It just looks silly. Freshman antics are nothing compared to the actual buffoonery you’d see if you took a stroll down Crown St. on a Saturday night.

  • Sillitar13

    Wow. The people who submitted these letters are clearly going off both gross stereotypes and ignorant generalizations. Patricia, apparently you haven’t been to a whole lot of clubs, because SWAT team raids of clubs are NEVER a commonplace happening. If the raid were simply about underage drinking, exactly as penny_lane put it, why was there only one charge of a minor in possession of alcohol? It is an utter failure of any police department to enter a situation with one goal, and leave with nothing but the policing equivalent of collateral damage.

    Murphy and Scoopo both prove they’re assuming all Yalies to be spoiled brats – obviously, Yale has its fair share (as ANY college does – take your pick of any community college, public state school, or private university and you’ll find them there as well), and that because of this assumption, the police officers were in the right, regardless of what force they actually used. Hell, according to their logic, no amount of force would be unjust in punishing Yalies, no action too excessive. They’re doing nothing but betraying their own prejudice – what they see as justice was nothing more than a wildly dangerous, childish tantrum given expression by the NHPD, and their blind support of it is disgusting.

    The NHPD clearly has the line between civic service and neighborhood bully blurred. They seem to only remember their real job when someone gets shot, and that is a damn shame. Underage drinking is not the cause of violence – indeed I’d say in some part it’s possibly ludicrous overreactions like these that give New Haven kids a legitimate reason to dislike the police.

  • Mikelawyr2

    You have no idea how angry and ignorant the people who post to the Register site are generally. I invite anyone who reads this article to spend a few days checking the responses to various Register articles.

  • MikeC

    Ah, leave it to New Haven residents to project their own jealousy and contempt toward Yale students onto the overreaction of New Haven’s “finest.” Never mind that the police sent a SWAT team to investigate a fire code violation, and not any complaints of rowdy behavior. The Yalies have already been found guilty of crimes they were not charged with by the Townie ignoranti.

    Is it any wonder that town-gown relations are in the toilet?