September 23rd, 2010 | Uncategorized

Who needs instruments anyway?

A freshman is tapped for Something Extra.
A freshman is tapped for Something Extra. Photo by Paul Cohen.

A cappella groups mobbed Old Campus on Wednesday for Tap Night, racing from entryway to entryway to claim their freshman recruits. Despite extensive pre-tapping, the precise timing of the ritual was a nominal secret, as is the contents of those cups.

See more photos below.

  • FailBoat

    > Caption: “A freshman is tapped for Something Extra.”

    Yale journalism’s finest at work, I see. Too removed from the action to get a name?

  • mca2175

    Her name is Kathleen Addison and she is beautiful! And she sounds as good as she looks.

  • syberpod

    That beautiful lady is my daughter, Kathleen. I hope that is nothing more than Gatorade in the cup!

  • YaleMom

    Syberpod, Your daughter should meet my Ashley! Ashley loves drinking too!

  • Hitch2

    What the heck, the administrators don’t let you proclaim love for other commenters here?