September 8th, 2010 | Uncategorized

The quotable Karl Rove

He has a way with words: Karl Rove’s speech at the Yale Political Union Tuesday night was replete with some real gems, including the following …

On the many uninsured Americans who are not legal citizens:

“I’m pro-immigration, but I don’t think we should pick up the cost for illegal aliens.”

On his belief that health insurance groups should be able to form across state lines:

“Let all the left-handed orthodontists who are Lutherans group together!”

On the need for medical liability reform in America:

“We have an issue in health care, but we should have solved it in a bipartisan way.”

On Obama’s response to Republican calls for liability reform:

“This was a stick in the eye of Republicans … a disingenuous and dishonest thing.”

On the bill’s effect:

“[Obama says] we’re not going to add a dime to the deficits, and he’s right — we’re going to add trillions of dollars in deficits.”

On the rhetoric surrounding the bill:

“God. It sounded good.”

On college:

“College is a great incubator of political leadership and political spirit. It’s a useful venue for candidates to prepare for political activity to be undertaken.”

On the YPU Tory Party:

“I hope you all become investment bankers.”

On investment bankers:

“My problem with investment bankers: They invest like Tories, but they donate like Leftists.”

  • CBKM

    I’m not sure why “I’m pro-immigration, but I don’t think we should pick up the cost for illegal aliens,” counts as a one-liner?… There are plenty of ways to be in favor of relaxing immigration laws that have nothing to do with providing them taxpayer-funded healthcare…

  • FailBoat

    Emergency rooms are required by law to treat anyone who comes in. When illegal immigrants can’t pay the bills (and if they’re uninsured, they won’t be able to, and if they’re illegal, they *will* be uninsured), the taxpayer ends up covering them.