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Through the Lens: Blue Phones

Through the Lens: 9.06.10
Through the Lens: 9.06.10 Photo by Sergio Zenisek.

Blue phones at Yale date back to 1991, but today they number more than 400. The phones are a ubiquitous feature across campus, from the athletic fields to the medical school to Yale-owned apartments in East Rock.

They are oft-seen and usually ignored, but one photographer made it his mission to track down all of them. He captured all but one, to which he did not have ID access.

  • theantiyale

    This article doesn’t tell me what Blue Phones ARE?.
    Are they a predecessor to cell phones?.
    For muggings and robberies, etc., I propose all student cell phones be linked to Yale Police Department with a single digit activation code, and a GPS locator.
    Call them NEW BLUES

    [link text][1]

    [1]: “GOD (Genome’s Obscure Distributor)”