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Freshman Address 2010: The recap

Speaking to the 1,344 incoming freshmen who filled Woolsey Hall Saturday morning, University President Richard Levin used the Freshman Address to urge the class of 2014 to “stretch themselves” by taking classes and trying extracurricular activities outside their established areas of interest, as well as making friends who do not resemble the ones they had in high school.

“Seek out friends with different histories and different interests,” Levin said. “You will find that you learn the most from the people least like you.”

Below, check out other excerpts from the speech.

  • “Surveys have shown that Yale parents are the most satisfied in the Ivy League. So, welcome to the Yale family!”
  • “Most likely, you will be overwhelmed by the more than 2,000 courses available to you. You will inevitably miss out on 98 percent of them.”
  • “With respect to science, I have two messages for you that are mirror images. First, if you are someone with an early or emerging passion for science, take the time to sample other subjects as well … Second, if you do not think yourself a ‘science type,’ don’t just fulfill the science requirement; give science a serious try.”
  • “Try at least one extracurricular activity that is brand new to you. And, by all means, do not spend all your time with your varsity teammates, or your fellow singing group members, or the others who write for the Yale Daily News.”

Click here to read the whole speech.

  • Self-reference LOL!

    “the others who write for the Yale Daily News.”
    That is really funny.

  • ’98

    How many were admitted, in the end, including how many from the waitlist?

    Does the 1,344 number of “incoming freshmen” include those who intend to defer matriculation a year?

  • to ’98

    I wonder, also, why, at this late date, we are getting stonewalled on key admissions numbers. Of course Princeton is doing the same thing, but in their case we assume the reason is a reluctance to disclose how many were admitted from the waitlist, and how the yield rate decline is continuing.

  • @ #2 and #3

    Jesus, what is this, the Daily Princetonian comments section?

  • observer

    I’ll say this for the Princetonian, it can never be accused of covering up, or hushing up, unfavorable data. The YDN generally sees itself as a less than critical cheerleader for the home team.

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