August 27th, 2010 | Uncategorized

Haven’t read that Rolling Stone story yet?

You know, the one that got Gen. Stanley McChrystal fired? It may be worth a perusal — especially since he’ll be teaching at Yale this semester.

Click here to check it out.

  • An Observer

    It’s hard to interpret McChrystal’s granting this interview to Rolling Stone as anything other than a poorly disguised letter of resignation. He basically forced the hand of the White House administration to fire him. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can make those statements about his boss in print and not expect to be fired.

    I guess McChrystal decided before the interview that he was ready for the next phase of his career.

  • theantiyale

    Does no one take the power of the subconscious mind seriously? From Oedipus Rex to Douglas MacArthur to Richard Nixon to Gary Hart to Elliot Spitzer to Stanley McChrystal, males’ hubris (and unconscious self-loathing) has choreographed public-humiliation after public-humiliation.

    No no one sees a pattern here?

    Freud is dead. His theory thrives.