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Cross Campus 3.29.10

Today is the deadline for switching Credit/D/Fail courses to letter grades. Unlike for dropping a class, there is no fee for making the switch.

P.U. A pipe broke and spilled sewage in Bass Library’s lower level around 1:30 on Sunday afternoon. By 9:30, the rupture was fixed and the bathrooms were usable, although the putrid stench lingered for some time after.

A match made in Harkness. Michael Gelfand ’01 GRD ’01 and Arundathi Jayatilleke ’01 GRD ’01, who met as sophomores at a practice for the Guild of Carillonneurs, were married in Brooklyn on March 20 and featured in The New York Times’ “Vows” section last Thursday.

Sex Week stirs up a (delayed) response. In an article titled “Bawd and Man at Yale” in the National Review Online last Thursday, Nathan Harden ’09 decried what he called “the biennial pornification of Yale.”

Davenport, the latest dining hall to try out trayless, had 14 conscientious objectors (13 of whom were male). Neither the blankets covering the trays nor the STEP coordinator reciting the environmental impact managed to deter them.


1890 The News reports on a new publication called the Harvard Portfolio, meant to give Cantabs “a permanent means of keeping in memory the events which interested them during their college course.” Because that’s the only way Harvard students would recall what they did in college: by reading about it later in a book.

  • why?

    why can you point out the gender of the offenders in davenport, but Chief Perrotti can’t point out skin color?

  • Rebecca Dohn

    In fact, Nathan Harden’s response to Sex Week at Yale was not delayed in the least! Sure, Yalies don’t tend to read much National Review, but they should. (They’re smart folks at that magazine.) Harden posted updates DAILY during Sex Week, and the above-mentioned article is a review of those pieces, but in an article rather than a series of posts on one of the website’s common blogs. Here is a link to those posts:

    The article was properly published in the print magazine and just happens to be available online (at least for a while).

  • @#1

    Perrotti *can* point out skin color, but declines to do so when it’s not helpful. He won’t just say that some black dude in a hat (or white dude, for that matter) robbed somebody, but he would say that a black dude, about 5’10” with a tattoo of an eggplant on his right forearm robbed somebody. Enough black dudes don’t have eggplant tattoos that saying this guy was black is less likely to inadvertently exacerbate racial/town-gown tensions.

    Also, while I understand your objection to listing the gender, I do find it interesting that it was overwhelmingly men, which is probably why they printed it. Is it because men eat more and need more plates? Is it because men hate the earth and want us all to die from global warming? It’s kind of an interesting statistic.

  • The Trayless are Clueless

    This obsession with tray-less dining is ludicrous.

    Do you want to know how to make the Yale dining experience truly environmentally friendly? Close all the dining halls except for Commons and those at the professional schools. It’s so inefficient to have a dining hall literally every 100 yards at Yale. Yes, it’s true, the Yale residential college experience wouldn’t be the same without the dining halls, but let’s drop the pretension that tray-less dining really matters a hill of beans when the entire system is among the least environmentally friendly in the United States.