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Petraeus makes visit to Grand Strategies

No caption.
No caption. Photo by Sean Fraga.

Gen. David Petraeus, head of the U.S. Central Command, poses with University President Richard Levin and the students and faculty of the Studies in Grand Strategies seminar at the Greenberg Conference Center on Thursday. Petraeus, who led coalition forces in Iraq in 2007 and 2008, was the latest high-profile official to address the class.

After the session (which was closed to the press), Levin took Petraeus on a campus tour in a motorcade before returning to the conference center for lunch.

  • ?

    Why couldn’t he speak to a larger number of students as opposed to that group of tools?

  • Iliketodrink

    why isn’t Paul Kennedy in the photo?

  • LAW11

    Kennedy is on leave this term

  • lmc

    I think he didn’t speak to a larger number of students because there probably would be a protest like the one in Georgetown earlier this year, as there should be. He wouldn’t have said anything worth listening to anyway.

  • 2012

    Why wasn’t there an article about his visit?

  • Patton

    I wish the News had given more coverage to this story. The fact that General Petraeus visited is less interesting to me than what he had to say.

  • ’11

    The talk was off-the-record.

  • How cool

    So if you suck up to PK and the like, you get to listen to really bad instruction from has-beens, but then “off-the-record” briefings from the Commanding General. It must makes me wish I was a big enough tool to be included.

  • lh654

    Most of you above are just whining. Yale was lucky to have a man of this distinction visit. He is a brilliant man and a true visionary. Without him Iraq would be in much worse shape.

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