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Spotted: Pelosi at Basta

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi traveled to New Haven on Saturday to host a panel discussion on women’s health, part of the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to market health care reform.

Joining two senior colleagues from Connecticut, Reps. Rosa DeLauro and John Larson, and Dr. Carolyn Mazure, Director of Women’s Health Research at Yale, Pelosi addressed the benefits for women in the health care reform bills under consideration in Washington.

“Women are the primary consumers of health care for their families,” Pelosi said in a statement. “They pay more for care and face greater discrimination in the insurance market. When we pass health insurance reform, unfair practices will end. Insurance abuses – against women and every American – will be a thing of the past. And being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing condition.”

In a joint statement the group criticized the insurance industry’s use of pre-existing conditions to penalize women for having a child, or being a victim of domestic violence in order to turn a profit.

“It was an honor to welcome Speaker Pelosi to New Haven,” DeLauro said, “and I applaud all that she has done in getting health care reform to this point — we are closer now to passing comprehensive reforms than we have ever been.

Later, Pelosi, accompanied by her security detail, was spotted dining at Frank and Claire Criscuolo‘s New Haven fixture, Basta Trattoria.

Correction: March 8, 2010

An earlier version of this article misreported the police agency guarding Pelosi.

  • Adam Schmidt

    “Pelosi, accompanied by her Secret Service detail…”

    The Speaker of the House does not have a Secret Service detail. The US Capitol Police are responsible for protecting members of Congress:

  • James T. Madison

    “Pelosi” and “healthcare” are words that go together like “Madoff” and “investments.”

    Her comments about the imperfections in the US healthcare system are those of someone in the grips of what economists call a “nirvanna complex.” Canadian women giving birth very often cannot obtain an epidural. Older Canadian women with cancer are often declared “incurable,” which justifies suspension of treatment and, for those women with enough money, results in them being treated in a hospital in the United States. There’s an extensive string of clinics and hospitals along the northern border of the “Lower 48″ largely treating Canadians. Indeed, the prime minister of Newfoundland elected to have his heart surgery in Florida, although he’s a big supporter of the Canadian system for other suckers (er, I mean, “consituents”). Canada conducts essentisally no meaningful pathbreaking medical research. A little while ago the Canadian Supreme Court found that the difference between what Canadian health officials said they provided and what they really provide made Canada’s government-only hospital laws unconstitutional violations basic human rights. (That’s why private hospitals have been opening in Canada.) One could go on and on and on.

    Nancy Pelosi knows nothing constructive about healthcare. She’s a rich, shallow political opportunist chock full of soundbites, misleading anecdotes and statistics. Someone should ask her about things she DOES know about, such as why she supported the deeply corrupt Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee she appointed until he was all but pulled from her hands by an outraged public.

  • Y09

    Have to say I would have judged her if she went to Scoozi, but Basta is the best. Nancy, please come back for dance night at Pacifico!!