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Cross Campus 3.05.2010

Jaywalking sting returns. Policemen were back on Elm Street on Thursday, ticketing unlucky jaywalkers as they hurried to class.

Going to Scotland for break? Bulldog Pipes and Drums, a bagpiping group, gave its first performances of the year on Old Campus and Cross Campus on Thursday.

Before leaving for break, don’t forget to cover your microwaves. An e-mail sent to all Old Campus residents by a facilities superintendent warned students about removing all trash in their rooms and bringing all recyclable items to the appropriate locations.

Caught in da Club. After finishing lunch in the rooftop dining room of the Yale Club of New York, New York Governor David Paterson unsuccessfully tried to escape reporters Thursday afternoon through a side exit. Reporters questioned Paterson about whether he plans to resign amid recent reports of scandal.

Library lockdown in Cambridge. A Harvard senior studying in the Harvard Law School Library last weekend accidentally stayed past the closing time and was locked inside the building. He escaped after contacting the Harvard University Police Department via Skype.

Filling in the bl_nks. Registration for the Fourth Annual Yale Crossword Puzzle Tournament were announced Thursday. This year’s competition will feature the inimitable New York Times’ crossword editor, Will Shortz.

Robert S. Sherwin, M.D., an internationally renowned diabetes researcher, has been appointed chief of endocrinology in the department of internal medicine at the Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine.

During Thursday’s National Day of Action for Public Education, hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and parents joined in the protests across the country. Protestors held rallies at the University of California-Berkeley, threw punches and ice chunks at police at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and shut down an interstate highway in Oakland, Calif.


1907 Statistics are released from a study about the average expenditures of a Yale student, revealing that for every dollar spent in a year by the poorest students, the wealthiest spent $8.43.

  • Ridiculous

    Why don’t the police focus on ACTUAL crime. Jaywalking? JAYWALKING??? Seriously what about the robberies and assaults around New Haven? The city just wants money, but they should focus on legitimate crime

  • harvard

    Jaywalking tickets? Yale students are going to take this lying down? This would be unheard of in a real city / real campus. Grow some, get some new policies and turn the campus and downtown into a walkable area, not a highway system. Whoever is in charge of transportation policy around there is a complete fool.

  • Walking Driver/Driving Walker

    Finally! If you think a cop handing out jaywalking tickets is a waste of time and resources, you aren’t thinking of how many police hours are squandered every time an Eli darts into oncoming traffic and gets hit. Investigation, potential ticketing, write-ups, court dates – and often involving multiple officers.

  • @#3

    You make it sound as if Yalies get run over by cars every day. Perhaps once every two years… or maybe less. I think New Haven has a bigger problem with aggressive drivers. I can count at least 3 cars running the red light on my way to class everyday. I have even seen a New Haven cop running a red light and then park right in front of Starbucks.

    Most of the jaywalking occurs right by the Cross Campus gate and Durfee. I’m in favor of an underground pedestrian tunnel right there.

  • Hieronymus

    Jaywalkers around the Yale campus rarely fight back… or carry guns.

    Hmmm… an undercover anti-drug sting operation in Newhallville, or ticketing those perky but pesky teenish delinquents… Which detail would YOU choose?