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Studying in the stacks? DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU

A Harvard senior studying in the Harvard Law School Library last weekend encountered every undergraduate’s worst nightmare: confusing the library’s hours of operation, Timothy S. Kim accidentally stayed past the closing time and was locked inside the building, according to an article posted Wednesday on the Harvard Crimson’s FlyBy Blog. Worse, he had left his cell phone in his dorm room.

How did Kim manage to escape? Like any good college student, he updated his Facebook status.

According to the Crimson, Kim turned to friends online for assistance:

He turned once again to his only connection to the outside world: his laptop. He wrote a surprisingly calm e-mail to the PBHA and Dunster House lists, among others, in which he requested help escaping.

At about 1:30 a.m., someone suggested over e-mail that he call HUPD—but Kim still didn’t have a phone.

“There are some comfy bean bag chairs on fourth floor of ILS,” Kim said. “I thought, if I have to spend the night here, that’s what will happen.”

Eventually, he decided to contact HUPD—via Skype.

“There was a strange person coming out of the elevator, which kind of freaked me out,” he said. “But then I realized, oh, it’s just a HUPD guy.”

Click here to read the full story on the FlyByBlog.

  • TD04

    Why’d he wait so long to skype?

  • ’11

    I stayed in the architecture library beyond closing time once, but i didn’t get locked in… you just walk out the front door.

  • HAHA

    This WOULD happen to a Harvard kid

  • Terry Hughes

    Among other things, it’s more than a little hard to believe that there are no desk-top or other land line phones available anywhere in the International Legal Studies building of the Harvard Law School library. Heck, every elevator has a phone, and this is a 5-story building. There must be lots of other phones. But the FlyBy Blog just says he looked for unalarmed exits, but no mention of looking for a phone other than his own.

    Also, he says he wouldn’t use an alarmed exit door (there were plenty) because he “figured with the alarm sounding they’d descend upon me and rip me apart.” Rip him apart? What’s that all about? Does he need to spend more time in the Harvard DUH psychiatric ward and less at HLS?

    Can we talk? This kid sounds like something of a dope.

  • Yale 08

    Aren’t Harvard students always locked into a library, at least metaphorically?

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