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Qpac, always the graceful winner

“Car-smashing” was the order of the day for Quinnipiac students last Saturday during their pre-hockey game pep rally: the university’s Student Programming Board purchased a beat-up 1987 Buick and painted the phrase “Yale sucks” all over it, then offered students a sledgehammer to demolish the automobile, according to an article published today by the Quinnipiac Chronicle.

The “car-smashing” was one of the highlights of the Bobcat Rally, the last event of the college’s “Spirit Week.”

“The Bobcat Rally has helped bring students together for a common cause, which is to beat Yale,” Frankie DiSomma, a Quinnipiac sophomore, told the Chronicle. “This not only helps get people passionate about sports, but to foster campus unity and facilitate interaction all across the social spectrum.”

Despite the tactics, you can’t argue with the results: Quinnipiac eked out a 4–3 win against Yale in Saturday night’s men’s hockey game.

(Photos: The Quinnipiac Chronicle)

  • y10

    this is awesome. i would go to a car-smashing pep rally here.

  • CC12

    So since they were beating up a car sporting “Yale sucks,” doesn’t that mean they actually support Yale? :P

  • tc

    hah, we did this once in high school. it’s fun!

  • Hill12A

    It’s all in good fun Yalies.

  • Bitter, much?

    Shall I call the wahmbulance?

  • token comeback

    That’s some fervent dedication to the cause… I’d think that a 1987 Buick would be pretty expensive fare for the kids at Q-pac.

  • hmm

    Stay cl/assy, Q-pac!

  • awww

    poor little yalies are sad that we upset them? it’s just for fun guys. it was a great game though.

  • fyi

    Just so you know, us Quinnipiac student’s don’t call it “Q-Pac”. Must be a Yale thing…

  • @fyi

    And we Yale students don’t abuse apostrophes. Must be a Q-pac thing…

    Oh yeah, grammar burnnnnnn. That’ll learn ‘em.

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