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Cross Campus 2.25.10

Results from Tuesday’s trayless dining experiment in Branford are in: Branford STEP coordinators Rachel Shaffer ’12 and Erica Rothman ’12 said in an e-mail to the college that two out of the 228 people in the Branford dining hall Tuesday used a tray at dinner, saving 113 gallons of water.

In celebration of next year’s gender neutral housing option for seniors, the residents of 35 Lynwood Place hosted a pajama party Wednesday night. Guests were encouraged to wear their sleepwear, especially Snuggies and footie pajamas.

A short imagined monologue written by River Clegg ’11 was posted Wednesday on Timothy McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, an online literature and humor publication. The humor piece is titled “Civil War General George B. McClellan Addresses His Troop of 10-Year-Olds in of Capture the Flag While Waiting for his Retinue of Horse-Drawn Carriages.”

‘That’s why I chose Middlebury!’ A music video about Middlebury, “Midd Kid,” which premiered Saturday, has stirred up controversy on the Vermont campus; some students say the film perpetuates stereotypes about the school. It’s not an official admissions video, but Yale Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeff Brenzel was right when he said Yale’s video would be imitated.

The Mr. Yale competition is tonight at 8 p.m. in Sudler Hall, featuring the pageant’s first-ever female contestant, Jen Ivers ’10 of Timothy Dwight.

New Haven ranked 271st in wealth out of 420 U.S. cities with more than 75,000, according to a survey released Monday by Portfolio.com using 2008 U.S. Census data. Cambridge, Mass., came in 21st.

More wet weather. A wintry mix throughout the day today could accumulate about an inch of snow, with two more predicted to follow on Friday.

The Cupcake Truck took Wednesday day off, noting the wet weather and parking shortage.

Murdered at 18. New Haven Police have identified the victim of the city’s third homicide this year as Robert Smith, age 18. Smith was found dead early Tuesday morning on Lloyd Street in Fair Haven, killed by a gunshot to the head. Police have yet to determine a motive.


1970 The University files a lawsuit contesting the legality of a 1969 law preventing institutions from expanding without permission from the New Haven Board of Aldermen.

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  • STEP Sucks

    STEP must be the dumbest organization on campus.

    The whole day, 226 people going trayless saved 113 gallons of water.

    That same day, 1 person didn’t eat meat, saving 1100 gallons of water.
    (info from:)

    STEP needs to get in touch with reality. You would need 2260 people to go trayless an entire day to save the amount of water that would be saved by each of them taking 1 less bite of meat.

    1 vegetarian has saved far more water in the course of a month, than STEP will, for its entire existence.

    STEP doesn’t care about saving water, it cares about a ‘sustainable-seeming lifestyle’ – which is a joke.

  • -

    Another way to save water…. take a pee in the shower! It saves a flush!

    Seriously, STEP should have a “Peeing in the shower Fridays”

  • Middkid

    Yeah. Copy your video? Watch ours. It’s student created, has nothing to do with admissions, is purposely satire and is actually entertaining. I.e. It’s nothing like yours. Check that arrogance, Yalies.