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Cross Campus: 2.24.10

Allez Cuisine! Iron Chef Yale will take the stage in Commons this evening, so the dining hall will be closed for set-up between 2:30 and 5 p.m. Calhoun will be serving extended lunch from 2:30 p.m.

Catch it if you can. The Caseus Cheese Truck will make a stop outside Silliman College today, selling soups, sandwiches and salads on the corner of College and Grove streets from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

But don’t get caught yourself. New Haven police announced Tuesday that they will soon set up sobriety checkpoints at two city locations to crack down on drunk driving. Police said impaired drivers will be subject to immediate arrest.

Mike Jones ’11 wants YOU. The Ward 1 Alderman is seeking volunteers to help conduct the U.S. Census in April, according to an e-mail he sent to his Ward 1 news panlist. Each completed census form will bring $9,000 to New Haven in various forms over the next 10 years, Jones said.

The firm behind many of the residential college renovations, Philadelphia-based KieranTimberlake, was selected by the State Department to design the new American embassy in London. The British ambassador, meanwhile, was at Yale. See story, page 3.

Tonight’s hour-long episode of ‘E! Investigates’ will focus on college security, prominently featuring the murders of Annie Le GRD’13 and Jasper Howard at the University of Connecticut, which dominated headlines when producers conceived the program.

A Princeton freshman has garnered heaps of flak after publishing a column in Monday’s issue of The Daily Princetonian that condemns women who drink too much and fall victim to date rape. The column has sparked more than 230 online comments.

Trinity College’s Baset Chaudhry apologized Tuesday for screaming at Yale opponent Kenneth Chan ’13 after Saturday’s match, which helped the Bantams clinch their 12th consecutive national title. Following Saturday’s confrontation, Yale coach Dave Talbott had proposed that the College Squash Association penalize Chaudhry, who is slated to defend his individual national title in early March. Footage from the fracas surfaced on Perez Hilton’s blog Tuesday.


1942 The University announces a new education program to assist in the war effort. The “Yale Plan” dedicates the University’s educational facilities to training for the Army, Navy and war industries.

  • ’10

    YDN, saying that the Pton column “condemns” women is just demonstrably false. If you actually read it, you’d see that the author does no such thing. The author merely argues that there is a gray area, that drunk sex does not necessarily equate to rape. I think most reasonable people can see the merit to that point.

  • @#1

    On the contrary, the column participates in a long-historied discourse on rape that seeks to blame rape victims for their victimhood. Even if you want to argue that this particular column is “reasonable” in its phrasing, you cannot deny the larger discourse that it’s a part of. The author of the piece, however, seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that it’s a much-discussed issue; she presents only poorly thought-out arguments that have been addressed MANY TIMES before.

    (Moreover, I don’t see why /anyone/ would rush to defend a piece that is shockingly poorly written, and one which demonstrates only the shallowest degree of thought.)

    Perhaps the column appears one way to people who’ve never considered the issue before. But those of us who are expressing exasperation regarding it have seen this same unsophisticated blathering put forth (and subsequently defended) many times.

  • ’10 too

    That’s totally not true – the Pton column absolutely condemns women and shows a completely irresponsible attitude to rape – saying “Therefore, the girl willingly got herself into a state in which she could not act rationally. This, in my opinion, is equivalent to agreeing to anything that might happen to her while in this state. In the case of our girl, this happened to be sex with a stranger”
    So if I get drunk, I agree to “anything” that happens to me in that state, e.g. theft, or murder? Or just rape?