February 23rd, 2010 | News, University

Tuition to increase 4.8 percent

Tuition and fees for Yale undergraduates will rise 4.8 percent, or $2,300, for the next academic year, University officials announced Tuesday.

The rise will bring the total cost of attending Yale from $47,500 this year to $49,800 next year — an increase that tops tuition hikes recently announced by the Univeristy’s peer institutions, as well as Yale’s tuition hikes in recent years. Determining tuition, room and board rates for undergraduates involves weighing the inflation rate, previous increases, the costs of peer schools, budget concerns and the amount of financial aid students will receive, administrators and experts have said.

Despite the increase, which tops a 3.3 percent rise last year and a 2.2 percent increase the year before, Yale’s total cost package will remain “among the lowest” in the Ivy League, the University said.

And while next year’s sticker price will rise, the cost of attending Yale may actually decrease for many students who rely on the University’s financial aid. Officials have budgeted at least a 10 percent increase in financial aid spending next year, increasing the average Yale scholarship to over $35,000. No parents of students receiving financial aid will have to increase the amount they contribute next year, University President Richard Levin said.

“When Yale’s endowment was growing rapidly, we consistently kept our term bill increases lower than our peer institutions, allowing the families of all Yale College students to benefit from our extraordinary prosperity,” Levin said in the statement. “Although this year’s increase is larger than those of recent years, full-paying families will still pay much less than the total cost of a Yale education.”

Still, the self-help portion of all financial aid packages will increase from $2,600 to $3,000 for the 2010-’11 academic year.

About 55 percent of Yale undergraduates receive some form of financial aid.

Last month, Princeton announced it will increase tuition by 3.3 percent — one of the lowest percentage increases in the university’s tuition since 1966. Harvard has not yet announced its tuition for the 2010-’11 school year.

See tomorrow’s News for the full story.

  • disgraceful.

    it’s a good point that this is just shifting the burden from the endowment to the families of wealthy yale students…although I still think the Yale endowment is a lot more economically secure than families at the lower end of those who pay the whole price so it’s a little bizarre to raise tuition by almost 5% during the recession.

    HOWEVER. increasing the self-help by $400 in this recession is completely inappropriate. That’s a lot of hours for the students who can least afford it, many of whom have other bills to pay besides the one direct to Yale.

    Someone (Levin? since the corporation is probably not available for comment?) should be asked for a real answer about this and tomorrow’s article should have more than a line about it.

    Yale shouldn’t be crying poverty–the last time it was this “poor” was ~2005. We’re not talking *gasp* the bad old 1980s.

    Get real, Yale–is it really worth $400 from the pockets of the students who already work the hardest? Come on. Dig a little deeper in the endowment–that’s a couple hours of endowment growth in flush times. If we can issue $1 billion in bonds for refurbishing buildings, we can cover an extra $400 per student on financial aid.

  • Tanner

    I loved the commment about financial aid making Yale more affordable sounds like something the US Senate could come up with. What was the old comment, College Has never been more affordalble and more expensive. Sort of like Spend More Save More.
    The increase should be just enough to set up the Gender Neutral Housing and Special Needs Meals in everydinning room.

  • Recent Alum

    And yet financial aid keeps increasing.

    “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

  • Robert Schneider

    When I went to Yale, the tuition bill could be covered by someone working 2,000 hours per year at the minimum wage. That was during the mid 70s. I can’t fathom today’s total term bill.

  • TC12

    I’m fine with raising tuition 5%, given that it’s likely to only affect families that are already well-equipped to pay more (in fact, these families should probably be paying much more than $49,800…it operates in the same nonsensical way as the Social Security payroll tax cap). But raising the student contribution 15%? What a draconian hike, which amounts to requiring students who personally pay this contribution to work ten hours a week, every week, during the academic year. That’s a heavily load to bear, and a severe competitive disadvantage.

  • Yale 08

    End government funding of higher education.

    Too many conflicts. Too many special interests. Too much tuition inflation.

    Where does the Constitution allow the Federal Gov’t to pump millions to Yale every year?

  • speculation before judgment

    So first of all, did costs go up or down? What motivates this tuition hike? Before we get on different band wagons (like the “from each according to ability” guy up there in a time of uncertain recession which has little to do with ability), we should make some attempt to answer, “Why?”

    Yale’s endowment may be large, but nonetheless, Yale lost a lot of money recently. That’s pretty plain. The argument has to be made in terms of what benefits outweigh what costs. For example, will this prevent more cuts in academic departmental budgets?

  • TD ’10

    Wonderful. It’s not like consumer prices declined last year or anything like that. The real price of tuition has increased 50% since 1990 and 125% since 1975. #7 put it well: Why?

  • @TC12

    “I’m fine with raising tuition 5%, given that it’s likely to only affect families that are already well-equipped to pay more (in fact, these families should probably be paying much more than $49,800…)”

    Why is that “fine?” By what reasoning is it fair for you to place the financial burden of your education even more fully on someone else? It’s ludicrous to me that my family should be penalized for having been both financially successful and conservative in spending for so many years.

    Before you start in with some “spoiled rich kid” diatribe, I had jobs during the school term, too, while balancing schoolwork and extra-curriculars, because I didn’t think it fair to ask so much of my parents. I found it extremely easy to find employment at Yale. You’d think, on a campus where so many students are paying the student contribution, easy jobs like doing your homework behind a library desk (while occasionally re-stocking books) would be in high demand. Though a $400 increase in contribution seems high, given the already generous Yale MINIMUM wage of $10.90/hr (though it was closer to $14/hr for students on work-study), this budgets out to between one and two extra work hours per week for the year. Even considering the total student contribution, that budgets out to 7-10 hrs/wk of work for the academic year, which is quite do-able (most Yale jobs require that you work this much at a minimum).

    There are plenty of opportunities to make this money without too much difficulty while still enjoying the full Yale experience. I’m skeptical that all critics of this hike (who likely also favor dumping the tuition increase on the wealthy) are so employed.

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