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ID stickers scrapped as safety measure

In a move intended to enhance workplace safety and campus security, Yale will discontinue the colorful stickers placed on Yale ID cards to show that they are valid, the University announced Tuesday.

The stickers used to allow security guards and other staff to visually check whether cards were still active. Now, ID holders will have to present their cards for electronic scanning when they need to gain entry to a University facility or otherwise use their IDs.

“This change will improve workplace safety and overall security by using technology to query the most current information available to determine access,” Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith, Deputy Provost Lloyd Suttle and Student Financial Aid Services Executive Director Victor Stein said in a statement. They did not specify when or how the University will install extra electronic scanners across campus.

But they did say that students will not be getting new ID stickers as they usually do after winter break, and new IDs will no longer bear stickers. Cardholders can either remove or keep the stickers currently affixed to active ID cards; as Highsmith, Suttle and Stein put it, they “will no longer bear any significance.”

The measure is the latest of several security changes in the wake of the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13 in September. In October, the University revised its workplace security policy, which now lists unacceptable workplace behavior, such as verbal or physical abuse, and requires employees to report threatening behavior to supervisors or authorities.

  • grad ’10

    The security upgrade is a good thing, but I foresee a few problems. Sometimes businesses that offer student discounts use the sticker to check eligibility–especially if they happen to notice it has lapsed. But the current ID card sans sticker also looks ‘lapsed’ to an outsider. The easy solution would be to get a new card without the “sticker here” marking….but new cards cost $20!!

  • @ grad’10

    I have to agree. It would be good if the cards are replaced for free so that ID cards do not appear to be missing anything in coming years.

  • Bud

    I doubt that they’ll replace the IDs… probably too much of a cost to do that. I do agree that there will be alot of problems with either an expired validation sticker, or no sticker at all.

  • grad student

    While i don’t see this as being a particularly problematic change, this article references security and the Annie Le murder. I’d like to point out that she was killed by someone who had legitimate access to the building, not someone who snuck in.

  • another grad ’10

    It is not only businesses that check those validation stickers. Scholarly societies also check them to decide whether you qualify for student membership rates. The ramifications of this move go beyond commerce. Undergraduates can put their college sticker over that place. The graduate and professional schools could issue stickers for the same purpose.

  • joey y

    #4 says ,”i’d like to point out that she was killed by someone who had legitamate access to the building,not someone who snuck in.”
    – probably right ,but the jury is still out on exactly which person or group. With the security personnel you have in place now i suggest a complete overhaul of police/security/hospitality operations.A more in depth or double check of hires and hiring policy of mentioned employees.
    A current force that cannot comprehend why a motorist or pedestrian is travelling west on a street at 8 am ,only to return the same way at 5 – 5:20 pm….It boggles their mind.
    They can be placed at one outpost or another of the University and hope the new community notices not.

  • @ grad student

    In practice what this means is that someone who propped a door open that then allowed an intruder to access a dorm room, overpower the occupant and rape them would be sued rather than Yale University. My sympathies to the first Yale victims of this scenario.

  • yale10

    I see why Yale wants to do this (not that it addresses any of the concerns raised by the murder of Annie Le), but as mentioned above, it is a silly solution. Yale should either issue new IDs free of charge, or provide students with old IDs with stickers. Surely some Aug 09 stickers wouldn’t cost too much and would alleviate the problems mentioned above with off campus discounts, etc? I don’t want an ID that says “VOID” on it, particularly if I use it to prove my age, etc.

  • ’07

    They charge for new IDs now? When did that start?

  • jack steinmetz

    cards should cost only $2-3 max

    jack steinmetz



  • colorlover

    The thing I most look forward to each semester is the new sticker. What will I do now? Lilac, turquoise, orange, how could my last term at Yale be sticker-less? What satisfaction could possibly rival that of placing a smooth sticker onto a smooth plastic card? Yale please please just give us stickers, any stickers, just because I love them so.

  • @ Jack Steinmetz

    The Yale cards are proxy-cards, so how can you make a point by comparing their price to non-proxy cards. You could also point out that note-cards cost about 1 cent each. Yale could just write people’s names on them – that would prove your point just as well as comparing them to cards from cardprinting.us.

  • biz

    Quick start an online store selling customizable yale Id stickers!

  • @ #6

    What exactly are you suggesting? That security or police personnel were somehow involved in the Le case? I’m unsure what the rest of your cryptic message has to do with stickers on ID’s.

  • Yale Lootball

    yale security = unionized wal-mart.

    At least wal-mart employees make a sincere and at times successful apprehensions of shoplifters.

  • je 89

    Yale security isn’t unionized. If they were I’m sure you’d enjoy thier services even more. How about less babysitting and more proactive security at the university?

  • lL ‘ 88

    Neither are those clowns who park on High street at Elm watching the Union Hall of Phellps thru the iron.A “stake out” They park on the sidewalk ,threatening anybody and anything till they have their needs and demands met.

  • Security?

    Well, they’ve just axed 8 members of the security team as part of the recession-driven cost cutting. Apparently there’s very little job security for average Yale Security Officer. And Yale says it prioritises student safety, and cares for its work force?

  • grad12

    Why not use both stickers AND scanners? It’s impractical to put scanners at every single door and even if you did, it’s simple to get into the medical school from the hospital. Having scanners at doors doesn’t help someone in the building who asks for ID from a stranger they find in their lab or dorm common room. We should be empowering people to ask other people if they should be there, not taking that power away!

  • Gym Goer

    How will undergraduate students get into Payne Whitney Gym without a new sticker on their ID card? There is no scanner there.

  • Logical

    If they think having a Sticker on the ID card or Not is going to make us safer on campus is not a joke then I must be the only one.Yale hates bad publicity they need to look like they are doing something .. I now feel Safer on campus because no one has Stickers. We moved into a High crime area and Yale promised 24 hr security. The year is up and the security has been pulled .. What else is new. Once some big wig gets raped or Robbed . Watch how fast something gets changed.

  • to #20

    Please; the front desk staff rarely, if ever, ask to see your ID up close. Just show them something vaguely resembling an ID.

  • @ 19

    This is absolutely true and is a HUGE security hole. If you have access or can gain access to the Hospital, you pretty much have access to the entire Med School campus with the exception of a few buildings. You can even reach the dorms via the hospital if you wander around enough… :P

  • vmmercan

    Last time I checked, nobody had a urine malfunction due to truck loads of alcohol which actually KILLED someone. Glass houses etc. Just because your PR sweeps everything under the carpet unless it’s in a public area and murder is involved, doesn’t mean you don’t have the same degenerates on your campus, albeit with even wealthier parents and better high school grades, not to mention an intensely extensive level of elitist and arrogant beliefs.

    How many walls should QU kids piss on to compensate for killing people?