January 6th, 2010 | News, University

Construction done, but Prospect bridge still closed

Many of the buses that used Prospect Street have altered their daily route. Students should plan for extra travel time.
Many of the buses that used Prospect Street have altered their daily route. Students should plan for extra travel time. Photo by Jordi Gassó.

Even though the structural work is finished on the Prospect Street Bridge, it is not yet ready to reopen, so 9:25 a.m. classes will continue to start and end five minutes early this semester.

The bridge, which has been under repair since last May, will remain closed to vehicle traffic. The renovation was originally scheduled to finish in June 2010, coinciding with the opening of the new University Health Services Building. Construction ran six months ahead of schedule, City Engineer Richard Miller said, but the original timetable is being kept in order to coordinate all the related utilities.

“The whole area is changing completely,” Miller said. “We’re trying to have everything ready as soon as possible to reopen the bridge without having to close it again.”

The bridge has not been installed with traffic signals or parapets as of Christmas Day, he said, but it has reopened to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

An extensive sewer separation process under the neighboring Trumbull, Sachem, Lock and Canal streets is expected to begin around March, which may delay the reopening of the Prospect Street Bridge, Miller said.

According to a campuswide e-mail from University Registrar Jill Carlton, the continued closure requires the blue, green and red lines of the Yale shuttle bus to run on their revised routes, which accounts for the adjusted class schedule. The five-minute shift is designed to give students extra travel time to return from Science Hill.

  • Anonymous

    No one takes the bus down from science hill. Everyone takes it up to science hill. Classes should be pushed back 5 minutes, not moved up!

  • grad student

    Right, no one takes the bus down from science hill except for many members of the faculty, staff, researchers, and graduate students.

  • People should be less pathetic and just walk; the vast majority of them have functional musculoskeltal systems.

  • !

    It has been great to walk along Prospect St without the cars and the dangerous crossing at Trumbull. I still see people driving all the way up to the bridge to see whether it really is closed before turning back.

  • Annie

    Post number 4 is correct, there are so many people who are obviously blindly following their GPS who drive straight through the “construction” signs up to the bridge. But, with the number of visitors who use the Trumbull St exit Yale should have really put up a sign warning people that they have to turn down Temple to get to downtown. Visitors end up forced onto Hillhouse and then drive all over Science Hill asking people “where is Yale?”

  • Clover

    Six months ahead of schedule? More likely they padded out the bid because there was no other work around…. I notice that the currently health plan related construction is happening under the bridge at the moment, not anywhere at street level.

  • student

    changing completely, but still going to be incredibly unsafe for pedestrians, no curb extensions, cars flying around corners, no bike lanes = more dead students and staff at yale.

  • Woland

    The phone number is for a rejection hotline.

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