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All I want for Christmas is … my grades!

For many Elis obsessively checking yale.edu/sis for their fall semester marks, the despondent bulldog on the landing page just about reflects their mood when they come up empty. Many grades have yet to be posted. Are you still waiting? Tell us below, and we’ll check with the registrar after the holiday about the possible delay.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Dec. 29, 8:35 p.m. The Registrar’s Office for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is closed until Monday, Jan. 4, University Registrar Jill Carlton said in an automated e-mail message. According to the Yale College Instructors’ Handbook, term grades for the fall semester are due by Monday at 5 p.m.

UPDATE: Sunday, Jan. 3, 11:25 p.m. Carlton said in an e-mail to the News that there is no delay in posting fall semester grades to Student Information Systems. In fact, compared to last year’s numbers, professors are slightly ahead: as of 8 p.m. on Dec. 29, 2009, the Registrar’s Office had received 8,566 grades — almost 1,000 more than the office had received by Dec. 29, 2008, Carlton said.

The Registrar’s Office is regularly updating SIS with new data, and there have been no technical problems with the system so far, she added. Professors have until 5 p.m. on Jan. 4 to submit grades, and the Registrar’s Office will send reminder e-mails to faculty who miss the deadline.

Lauren Rosenthal contributed reporting.

  • nodelay

    There is no delay because professors don’t have to submit grades until early January. Relax and enjoy your break.

  • Tracy

    I’ve been waiting for a cross-campus post like this for so long, and as soon as I get my grades I’m posting them right here!

  • ’10

    It definitely seems like there’s some sort of delay – in my previous 6 semesters at Yale, I’ve had all of my grades before Christmas (or shortly after finals in the spring). This year, I only have 2/5. There’s something strange going on, or all my profs this semester are extremely lazy.

  • what?

    i hope #2 is a joke

  • Cat

    I want my grades right meow.

  • 12

    I have 4/6 now, which is better than last year when I only had 2/5 by Christmas. Last spring, none of my grades came in until the day before the deadline, and then they all came in within 24 hours of each other.

  • y10

    every year i’m always waiting until after the new year. there’s no delay. professors have forever to post them.

  • TC

    It’s not just professors. I have one who submitted our grades on December 15th, and the registrar still hasn’t posted them online.

  • BR 11

    Why is the bulldog so despondent?

  • Curious

    What is the exact deadline that professors have until?

  • unless they’re grinches…

    Also, all those hardcore parents who punish kids for their grades can’t keep holiday presents from their kids based on their grades…? I’m sure some of them exist as yalies’ parents

  • student

    Yea, I still have none of my grades up though some classes were small and most of the stuff was graded, before finals week. Maybe there is some delay?

  • ES13

    0/4. Woe.

  • waiting

    I don’t care about the grades so much, I just want my schedule worksheet for spring semester!

    ask about that.

  • patience, please

    Grades are due the 4th of January.

  • quid pro quo

    If you want the University to crack down on the profs/registrar, ask that spring tuition should be due on the day your last fall grade is posted.

  • Y10


  • waiting also…

    this is taking longer than ever before!

  • Confused

    I think something’s wrong in the Registrar’s office this time, because one of my prof.s emailed us our grades over a week ago but it still hasn’t shown up online.

  • disillusioned faculty member

    Maybe some faculty delay submitting grades until after the holiday break because they do not what their own break spoiled by the usual raft of complaints from furious A-minus students (C students never complain). In my experience the whining emails start arriving in my inbox about 20 minutes after I hit the “grade submit” button.

  • interested reader

    ooh, ouch

  • e-protestations

    I teach at another institution, where all grades are due the Tuesday following the exam week. It can be done, though it is a scramble if you have a late exam… I am very sympathetic, however, to the concern raised by #20. It is irritating to get a flurry of objections, proclamations of disappointment, entreaties for a second reading, etc., as soon as the grades are posted. And, yes, it is always the A-‘s and B+’s who feel they are entitled to object before even seeing their exams.

  • impatient


  • a student

    @17, 21, 23: nobody cares but you.

    @embittered faculty members: I love you.

    I second the plea for Schedule Worksheets. Grades can wait. I want to plan my NEW classes.

  • tc11

    on the SIS web site, it said that you can evaluate your classes until next monday at 9 a.m.

    maybe the registrar office will be releasing the rest of the grades then?

  • Still …

    Even realizing that professors have until January 4th to submit grades, I find it hard to wait until then for grades in classes that were over by the end of November.

    I sound like an entitled d-bag, but having spent the last few weeks of the semester studying, writing out essays, showing work for critique, and taking exams, I think it makes perfect sense to want some sort of response, especially in the cases where nearly a month has passed.

    And faculty members, if you don’t want your vacations ruined by a flurry of emails from angry students, that hardly requires that you delay your submission of grades. Instead, don’t check your Yale email, and enjoy your break.

  • too busy to grade

    We lazy and busy faculty members love you, #24!

    Seriously, as long as there are students who are writing papers down to the deadline, there will be faculty members who don’t submit grades until the deadline. Remember, we were once you. Some of us are on real vacations, but some of us are frantically getting everything ready for our spring courses. Grading, sadly, can wait. If you’re patient, so can you. Apologies, but them’s the facts. Enjoy your vacation from worrying about grades, if possible.

  • @24

    You’re a huge suck-up, you know that?

    Not only do I doubt that faculty members actually post here, but if they do… all the more reason for us to be annoyed. Stop trolling the undergraduate newspaper and grade our bloody finals.


  • waiting


  • Y’13

    Professors grade? I just thought the TAs did all the dirty work and then send the final, polished result to the professor? Maybe that’s just the freshman experience…

  • CC12

    Wow, everybody needs to calm down. There is really no need to get impatient or even belligerent. They’re only grades. They aren’t defining your lives. Getting them “late” is not going to kill you.

  • Yale’12

    I am glad someone is at least talking about the delay in receiving the grades… It is December 29th and I have received 0/5 grades. I just think that when we get so stressed out to hand in everything on time the Professors should try and give back the grades as soon as possible. #31, I want to get impatient I was done with some of my classes 2-3 weeks ago and still I haven’t received anything…

  • a prof

    If you want early grades, hand in your papers earlier. You have had weeks to work on them, and it’s entirely your choice to leave them until three days before they are due in.

    If you want to appeal a grade, come with evidence and a reason. Saying how you were deluded by how easy the material seemed only shows that you still have not mastered the material. And please do not e-mail us during our vacations, especially if you have no real reason. We also use our Yale e-mail accounts for research. You’ll achieve more by taking the time to put together a solid argument for when you get back.

  • eli

    33: Well we wouldn’t want teaching to get in the way of your research, would we? What a hack.

  • super TA

    TAs do all of the grading in classes where there are TAs. Didn’t know that? Were kissing up to the prof all semester? He hasn’t the slightest idea who you are. Well now you know. Focus on

    I’ve been a TA for many classes and have never seen any TA hold on to papers longer than is necessary; we generally grade quickly and finish up before breaks. So, I’m guessing there’s a problem on the admin side this semester.

    Otherwise #20 is prob exactly correct: your prof has all of the grades, but hasn’t entered them yet.

    FYI, none of my 15 students this semester turned in the final project earlier than 2 hours before the absolute final deadline. This is typical. A deadline is a deadline, so don’t expect anything before then; I’ve certainly learned not to!

  • a better eli

    I don’t think “teaching” includes dealing with OCD students who want a 10 page explanation about why they got an A- instead of an A.

  • @eli 34

    #33’s comment wasn’t about teaching. The term is over. It is hard to disagree with his advice to people who ask for their grades to be changed without offering any grounds for it. Grades here are so inflated as it is, I never believed how much until I did a semester of study abroad.

  • chill pill

    Professors need to relax. Is it actually too much to ask you to grade something in a week’s time? If you are actually doing the grading, then it’s a small class and you actually don’t have a lot of things to grade. All written work is supposed to be due by the end of Reading Week so it is unacceptable that we’re 3 weeks out of Reading Week and still nothing.

    If you’re a lecturer, then TAs do all the grading anyways so you have very little to actually do. Have them get on their business.

  • A Prof

    @34 Teaching pays about 15% of my faculty salary and outside research pays about 85%… if students want more attention vis-a-vis research, let’s talk about paying for it, huh?

    I don’t harass students about their papers before the deadline, so why should students harass me about grades before the grade deadline?

  • @33

    yeah seriously #33 if you’re actually a professor, that’s sad. you don’t want us emailing you over break? then don’t work at a university teaching students. i hope you’re not a real yale professor. what a joke.

  • Summer’s a-comin’!

    Dear faculty and TA’s bitter enough to be trolling this website:

    Some people want their grades as soon as possible so they can send their transcripts to potential summer employers or academic opportunities. The deadlines for some of these things are coming up soon, so while you may have a deadline of January 4th, please realize that most people want their grades not because they can’t wait to complain, but because (gasp) they’re actually important to our futures, and for some fairly immediately so.

    Honestly, I wish you would use your real names so I can know never to take a class with you. Working with professors and TA’s who don’t like students is simply depressing.

  • @ a Prof

    Do you send out A’s first and non A’s much later to have peaceful holidays?

  • super

    #41: I promise you that profs and TAs generally spend far more time thinking about students and their grades than they really should. I’ve spent many, many hours in grading meetings cross-checking, debating, calibrating, rethinking, almost always giving the benefit of the doubt to papers that were written in great haste by students who clearly weren’t that concerned with producing finished work. This is a very informed observation, not bitterness. I promise. What we don’t like (and what we make copious fun of) are students who vomit out garbage and then puff up after the dreaded (already inflated!) B+ comes and then send us legalese-laced e-mails demanding immediate reconsideration. This happens ALL THE TIME! It’s immaturity, plain and simple. Everyone knows that. We’re adults.

    And no one’s withholding grades to spoil your internship applications. We have a deadline and we meet that deadline (we have no dean’s excuses to resort to!). If the administration’s deadlines are working against the average Yale College student, then by all means come together to contact your deans, work through the YCC, have your parents call President Levin, whatever.

  • another prof

    Dear students, there is no single answer to why your grades take time. Sometimes the TAs have a lot to grade. Sometimes we profs have a lot to grade (in spite of the myth that we don’t do it). Sometimes we have other things on our plate such as research, illness, family obligations and vacations, often work-filled vacations. Add to that how late some of your papers and projects come in, and one or two difficult cases needing intervention or a second opinion or a chat with your dean, and the whole class has to wait. No professor or TA I know takes grading lightly. In fact most of us spend more time on grading than we are paid for. We are hired for research, and most of us give many more hours to Yale College teaching than we are paid for. If you want teaching to come first, Yale’s not the place to find it. You have to choose between teachers at the cutting edge and teachers who have all day to talk with you. Professors cannot do both at once.

    I believe that most of us and the registrar will meet the grade submission and release deadline. It was not Christmas Eve.

    I am only too happy to reconsider your grades. Please explain where I went wrong when you e-mail me. Explaining how your extracurricular activities kept your from studying or hinting at litigation is not persuasive though both options do provide for interesting reflections when writing recommendation letters.

  • U-F-B

    Whine whine whine. Why would *anyone*want to teach Yale students?

  • TA

    Some of us were still grading on Christmas eve. It wouldn’t surprise me if some are still grading on New Years eve as well. Some of us grade in airport lounges, on planes and on trains. Sometimes we have to delay grading until we can get back to the library to check on plagiarism and strange or bad references. Sorry that it takes so long but that’s how it is sometimes, and believe me when I say we’re not having any fun with it. Lots of us love teaching here but I haven’t met anyone who loves grading, especially the half-assed papers that some people write in one or two days when it should have taken three weeks. It is disappointing when you get that from an intelligent student who kept asking for meetings to discuss good possible topics but then didn’t do any real work on them.

    Probably we could set the deadlines for final papers a couple of weeks earlier so they can be graded before exam grading and vacation. Would students actually start work on them in the second or third week of term?

  • SY ’10

    I just want to apologize to the TAs and professors posting here that they have to put up with all the crap some students give them – please know that some of us are aware that constant complaining about our grades isn’t appropriate. And those of you students whining about not having grades yet, give it a rest – you’ll get them eventually and you won’t really suffer that much from the lack of them.

  • @ SY’10

    That’s sooo nice of you, apologizing for all of us.
    We all know that irrational complaining can be annoying; however, we are students of this university and we have every right to complain when we feel that we received an unfair grade. Also, mind that whoever complains thinks that has the right on his side.
    One last thing, all these who need to send the grades to Internships and jobs do suffer.

  • ES ’10

    Hear, hear #47.

  • @ #44

    i’m sure the admissions office and the prospective class of 2014 would love to see your comment.

    this thread is so ending up on ivygate.

  • also Professor

    I am not sure why students think this is appropriate, or why #50 thinks this would somehow bother the admissions office.

    We were given a deadline. That deadline has not even arrived, and students are complaining that they do not have their grades. That is just plain ridiculous. We are not your servants. (Ask yourself a question: did your parents get holidays over the last two weeks? If so, did they take them?)

    #47 has the right idea. A tiny minority of Yale students act so inappropriately that faculty get turned off from teaching entirely. We need to be reminded that most of you are not like that.

    The idea that you will not get an internship because you did not get your grades until January 4th does not even warrant a response.

    Students who are complaining about this need to just grow up. And if I were advising a prospective member of the class of 2014, I would tell them that faculty who don’t kowtow to every demand are precisely the kind of professors you want.

  • TD ’13

    I understand that professors, TAs, and graders are working on a deadline, and I appreciate that it will be in by then, but some of #51’s comments do bother me.

    #50 thinks that the previous comment:
    “We are hired for research, and most of us give many more hours to Yale College teaching than we are paid for. If you want teaching to come first, Yale’s not the place to find it. You have to choose between teachers at the cutting edge and teachers who have all day to talk with you. Professors cannot do both at once.” would bother the admissions office and incoming 2014-ers. This makes sense. While I understand that Professors are very busy, we were told during the admissions process that Yale places emphasis on TEACHING. A lot of us chose Yale amongst liberal arts colleges and over other research institutions for this focus. We thought that we could get the best of both worlds.

    Also, not getting our grades until the fourth does hurt some students. I will not claim that it hurts most, because it doesn’t. But there are several internships with deadlines before the fourth. Some companies have a minimum screening cutoff. As a freshmen, I have no GPA to disclose. An upperclassmen may not be able to average in higher grades.

    To reiterate, I too am a student eagerly awaiting for my grades, but I understand that Professors have every right to their holidays. There were just a couple of comments that I wanted to express my opinions on.

    I believe that the discussion about student grade complaints is irrelevant to this article. It is neither caused or solved by early/late grade releases. Students, be reasonable- excuses are excuses. Professors, don’t check your emails over break.

  • @51

    I am not #50 but I will try to explain you why I think he was bothered. #44: “We are hired for research, and most of us give many more hours to Yale College teaching than we are paid for. If you want teaching to come first, Yale’s not the place to find it.” What is this supposed to mean?

  • progressive

    Yes, please do inform the Admissions Office and prospective students. It may help the admissions office to improve their admissions procedures so fewer Yale places are wasted on students who do not want to learn, and it may help potential students to work out whether they want a Yale education or only easy grades.

    Really, if you already know so much more than your professors, why waste time studying here? Just go and solve the problems of the Middle East and North Korea! Or go direct to medical school! Hell, why waste time in medical school – just walk into the Yale New Haven hospital and start surgery tomorrow!

  • @ Professors

    What departments do you teach in? You’re so lame! Get off here, stop whining, and get gradin’! You have one of the best jobs in the world and you’re complaining about something you knew was an inherent part of your job description? tsk, tsk…

  • double standard

    Students wait until 11:59:59 on the day of any given deadline to submit their finals, when they’ve had reading week and finals period to do nothing but their work. Yet they demand different of professors, who’ve had the Christmas and New Year’s period to grade, both of which come with family and travel obligations. Why the double standard?

  • Y ’11

    The fact that this comment thread has grown to 51 comments (now 52! my apologies) is absurd. As a Yale student with a mother who is a professor at another institution, I know the ridiculousness of grading deadlines that come too soon after exams far too well. I only hope that no prospective students find this page and come away from reading it turned off from attending a school full of over-achieving, grade-grubbing whiners! To that person: we’re not all like that! Moreover, we’re not all people who would spend time over our break (it’s a break, people! stop applying for things and take a nap!) having meaningless arguments with comment threads. In fact, the vast majority will read this thread and be annoyed at their fellow students for refusing to take a chill pill.

  • super

    #53 wonders how it can be possible that teaching doesn’t come first for Yale professors. Well, you just plain can’t get hired if your emphasis is teaching. Those wonderful teachers you’ve had? They were hired for their research. Those horrible teachers you’ve had? They were hired for their research. It’s a truism for scientists, but is also the case in the humanities. A junior professor who wastes time refining his teaching runs a serious risk of never being promoted. All academics know this. Most of us have serious reservations about that fact.

  • @ professors

    Dear Professors,

    Would you mind posting your names, or at least what departments you teach in? There are some bold claims that are being made, and if you are truly Yale professors, surely you wouldn’t mind revealing your names?

    Otherwise, I have a very hard time believing that some of these comments are being posted by real Yale professors.

  • Grades4LIFE


    LiKe WhErE ArE mY GGGGRAAAADEEESSS?!?@!??!?!!?@@

    If I don’t like, seriously, get all A’s in all 5 of my courses, I’m seriously going to let the Yale Administration have it, BIG TIME!@!!!1

  • Y’10

    I don’t see why it’s so unreasonable to expect a grade in a class almost a month after I turned in the final paper…

  • sy12

    I think the more important question that people are passing over by feuding with professors is, to paraphrase the four questions, why is this year different from all other years? I’m just a sophomore but in my first two semesters at Yale I don’t remember having to wait nearly this long for grades. Maybe I just had profs that were more on top of their game, but this thread doesn’t seem to be a semi-annual ritual. Am I wrong, did I get good profs my first two semesters, or did something out of the ordinary happen this semester?

    And for what it’s worth, I still only have two of five grades.

  • BR ’10

    #62 is right. This is my seventh semester at Yale and I’ve definitely never had to wait nearly this long to get grades. Yes, professors are busy and it’s the holidays, but in my past three years here I always got my grades well before the deadline. So why the wait this year? I still have three grades to get and the deadline is tomorrow. It just seems like something is up this year.

  • ES ’10

    I interned at Yale over the summer, and recently I went back to talk to my supervisor and coworkers. They said that while previously Yale had only given Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day as mandatory holidays, this year they had rearranged the schedule so from Christmas Eve through January 3rd was mandatory vacation (they had compensated for this by dropping other days off from the calendar). They didn’t say if this was university-wide, but it would seem likely, and that would explain why grades came in earlier in previous years (when not everyone was on vacation between Christmas and New Years) than this year.

  • Anonymous

    For all professors using the Faculty Grade Submission website, I have received my grades immediately. I have noticed no difference in the time of receipt of my grades this year in comparison to that of previous years. People should be aware that the small sample size of “my past classes” is hardly enough evidence to conclude systemic or other widespread delay.

  • anon Prof

    Want to know the professor’s side?


  • TD04

    I had a couple of classes where I was disappointed by my grade, but both were seminars and were therefore marked by the prof. What sort of an argument would I have made against their decision? That I was in a better position to judge the material (and my analysis of it) after fourteen weeks than they were after several decades? That’s just asinine.

    And people respond by “hinting at litigation?” Seriously? I’d love to see that how that would go for them.

  • @#66

    I know it’s annoying that everybody is complaining but it is also annoying when you get an email from a prospective summer employer (D.E. Shaw) asking why you don’t have your complete self-reported grades (in a “did you fail a course?” sort of tone – got this 30 minutes ago). Several deadlines are early in January and I am waiting on 3/4 of my grades (2 of which are for (math) classes with less than 20 students and no papers).
    I have a friend who could not apply to an internship because he missed the GPA cutoff by .03 (min 3.5 GPA), I know he would love to have his last grade as he got 3 A’s in his other classes. Sadly, for him, 3 of the internships he wanted to apply to already closed their apps. If you want to call him a whinnny student too then you are a pretty narrow-minded professor (that being said however you are right in 95% of the cases that students are just whinny and want their resume to read “GPA: 3.93″ instead of 3.90).

  • ’10

    @65–you say that the small sample size of past classes is insufficient to conclude that there is any systematic delay, but it seems that if a lot of people are saying the same thing, that might be stronger evidence. Still, the idea that professors are somehow conspiring to give us delayed grades is absurd. More likely, there was just a strange confluence of events that has made this year an outlier.

    I was a bit hesitant to post on this thread at first because I am of the “deadline means deadline” mentality. That said, the deadline is about 5 hours away and three of my five grades are still out. Considering that there’s a good chance that at least one of my professors will miss the deadline, this seems like a good time to suggest that professors be held to their own guidelines if they submit grades late. Some professors are more understanding than others, and those professors should be shown more lenience come time to submit grades. Others require dean’s excuses for even a fifteen minute delay; they should be willing to lead by example. Of course this will never happen, but in a perfect world it might.

    Also, because professors on here have been kvetching about students challenging grades, perhaps now is the time to think about some general guidelines that can be applied across Yale College for a system of challenging grades–that way it’s done fairly and equitably. I’m very sympathetic to professors’ comments about a small minority of students massively overreacting–you have to teach them, I have to sit in class with them–so we should consider doing something to mitigate these problems.

  • enpty imside

    the answer to most questions above is: the economy. hooray.

    but seriously, a class schedule worksheet would be sweet.

  • ’11

    deadline is passed and still missing half of my grades. Well I’ll just send out my old resume… Do we get an extra 10% for every day our grade is late? ;) (I’m pretty sure the problem has to do with the registrar not the profs)

  • cc ’12

    well. now it’s after 5 pm on the 4th of january and i still don’t have 2 of my grades.

    one of which is from the largest class this term, econ 115…which means that almost 500 people also don’t have all of their grades too.

  • another cc’12

    What I’m wondering is, what happened to the cumulative gpas on our “web transcripts”? They were there last year but they seem to have disappeared, and I had to calculate my new GPA myself.

  • @Professors

    Ok some students are being silly here, however the deadline is passed and the grades are still not all up (now complaining students have a point, however, after all most all of you are not exactly happy when we hand in a paper 1 day after the deadline). Btw professors get a lot of spare time (think summer, no travel, no long nights, no working over Christmas to complete an evaluation of an IPO). I would love to see one of you professors complain to a regular mimimum wage employee who gets 10 days of holidays a year (“buhu I wasted 1.5 of my 10 weeks of annual holidays grading, poor me and all the students are soooo mean – they only have to study for the LSAT, MCAT and GRE over the winter and apply to internships”). Sorry, I know some students were whining here, but you select few profs are equally bad.

  • @73

    That’s why there was a delay.

    The Registrar’s Office realized that it was possible to use one’s cumulative GPA (which updated as soon as grades were posted) to figure out a course grade before filling out the course evaluation. Thus, they quickly took down the term and cumulative grades from the web transcript. To be on the safe side, they also refrained from posting grades in any class in which any student had failed to already evaluate (or choose not to evaluate) the class — hence the reason why large lecture classes, but with easy-to-grade tests, were not posted. Now that the deadline to evaluate courses is over, most grades have been posted — as there is no longer a potential for bias. This suggests that any grades still not posted are just delayed grades, or else, the Registrar’s office has a backlog …

    Just speculation, of course … to confirm this, the YDN would need to ask someone who actually works there.

  • Come On

    Okay, now it’s past the deadline. If this were an essay, I’d probably get marked down significantly. Give us our grades. Seriously.

  • je

    Maybe D.E. Shaw is selecting for interns who can push the Yale registrar into action.

    And maybe there are pages of grades at the registrar’s office waiting to be typed in by someone who couldn’t come to work because it snowed.

  • @73

    They got rid of the gpa’s from the web transcripts so that one couldn’t back-calcualate a class grade before submitting a course evaluation. (They weren’t starred out like the course grades.)

  • @ cc’12 (#73)

    On the “grades for all terms” page, select “undergraduate” (NOT “all levels”) on the transcript level menu. This will give you your GPA. I don’t know why the other page isn’t working this time…

    Also, someone (YCC?) should really push the administration to make the course schedule worksheet available earlier. Classes start a week from today, and still nothing. I’d be interested to hear the rationale for waiting until just a few days before the term starts to make it available.

  • Waiting

    So it’s well past the deadline and I still have not received 3/4 of my grades… I would usually be more patient, but I am in the midst of applying to programs (with deadlines in about a week) that require transcripts, GPAs, etc. from last semester…

  • Branford ’10

    Grades were due yesterday? Still missing one.

  • Disgruntled Student

    I have now submitted two incomplete internship applications because I am still missing 2/5 grades almost 24 hours after the deadline. I don’t know where the problem is but if it’s with the professors, stop being lazy and get your work in (after all, we had to) and if it’s a problem with the registrar, shame on you. You are making your students look bad because you can’t finish your work

  • an old prof

    Clearly the best solution is a pass-fail system of grading… anyone breathing and with a pulse by the end of term passes. Pass is the default (after all, do not Yale students contract with Yale for a degree by accepting the admission offer and paying tuition?) and the only grade needing to be posted would be a fail. This system would recognize the real meaning of Yale grades.

  • ’10

    only have 2 out of 4 and its past the deadline…

  • not so old Prof

    I am stunned at students who think it is their right to contest their grades. It is forbidden by Yale College for a professor to change a grade. I have never done it, and I don’t know a professor who does it. Is this just something in the humanities?

  • @prof

    A fair grade is the true measure of learning. Yale Professors are capable to give fair assessment and should not be annoyed by students’ inquiry. To have students complete the teacher evaluation before receiving their grades is an insult to the professors.

  • #73

    Thanks #79–that worked.

    The blue book says that grades can only be changed due to a “clerical error”. This happened to me once–in a class with no curve and well-defined grade boundaries, where I kept a record of the grades on all my assignments and the final grade disagreed with the average I calculated. It turned out that one of my assignments was recorded as 10/20 instead of 10/10; after realizing this, the professor changed the grade. But I imagine this kind of situation is rare.

  • ’13

    I’m still missing 2/4 grades… I didn’t bother complaining to professors before the deadline, that would just be hypocritical. However, it would be nice to have them now. I emailed the professors just to see when they’d be coming in, and one of the professors got back to me and explained that he has TAs from all over the world emailing him the final exam grades… To be honest, it was just nice getting some type of response from the professors, even if it wasn’t my actual grade back…

  • yalie

    Wow, do I go to school with a bunch of entitled jerks or what? Yes, professors should submit grades on time, but it’s unreasonable to start complaining about not having grades weeks before the deadline has even passed. I got all my grades before the new year started, but even if I hadn’t I would’t throw a temper tantrum about how I would be forced out of an internship because I don’t have my grades. Just send a note explaining why your transcript will come in a little late. I’d like to extend an apology to the Yale professors who posted on here on behalf of those impatient, inconsiderate students who think the world revolves around them. And no, I’m not sucking up. I just have respect for those who are wiser and more experienced than I am.

  • another pass-fail prof

    I also support pass-fail grading. But I also believe in raising the standards for a pass. People complain that it is too easy to get an A here, but the ease of getting a C or D is more serious.

    I like it when students contest their grades with good justification. It suggests good things about the student’s attention to detail and approach to solving problems. Contesting a grade with poor justification demonstrates the opposite.

    The registrar makes it difficult to change grades. One reason is to prevent professors with poor reviews from exacting revenge on the class. This works in conjunction with requiring student surveys before grades are released.

  • @#85

    Grades can be changed if a motion is filed with the college by th professor (happened to a friend were the professor forgot to carry a 10 when adding up hiis final score).
    I can’t believe that people complained so early however I still dont have half my grades and the deadline has long passed.

  • Anon

    I’m growing a bit concerned. I got an e-mail from a professor sent to the entire class late yesterday that he had submitted grades to the registrar, but as of now they have not been posted. To me, this suggests a potentially large delay at the registrar’s office…

  • anonny

    to the last poster-grades are not submitted to the Registrar anymore–they are submitted directly into the system so there is no delay. If they did indeed send the grades by email or hard copy to the FASRO then yes a person (imagine that!) is actually entering each one by hand which involves quite a lot of work by the way. However I know for a fact that grades that are submitted are posted immediately so perhaps the professor did not do it correctly (which happens quite a lot too!)

  • @ Not So Old Prof

    And I’m stunned that you think your grading is so infallible that students shouldn’t have a chance to point out potential errors. No grading system should ever be implemented without some safeguards, and let’s face it, students are more likely to catch errors that negatively affect a grade than professors are–we’re concerned with one grade, you’re concerned with many more.

  • ?


  • an old prof

    Re: #85/94: I think most if not all faculty are open to correcting error. Most of us will gladly check the calculations, recording, and clerical aspects of a grade. Indeed, grades can easily be changed by a simple certification and evidence that a clerical error was involved. Grade changes for other reasons must be granted by the Comm. on Honors and Academic Standing. The problem cases that are so depressing and annoying involve students who have an inflated concept of the quality of their work or themselves and argue that anything they do is worth an A. I have had students argue that I should change grades 1) so they will not be disappointed, or 2) to not “marr” their otherwise “perfect” transcript. … Really!

  • sy11

    Is everyone else still waiting for their Intermediate Macro grade?

  • also @ not so old Prof

    (I’m not #94, though I agree with him/her)

    #85, I’m disappointed by your arrogance! You’re either asserting that your grading system is infallible or that correcting grade errors is not worth your effort. The former presumes perfection not only in your own calculations but also in the recording done by the registrar’s office (unless it is recorded online directly, as anonny, #93, indicates). If the latter is true, then I’ll simply say: I hope I never have you as a professor…

    Yale College does not “forbid” changing grades. It allows grade changes for clerical errors; other changes are more difficult, but possible with the approval of the Committe on Honors and Academic Standing.

    If you’re still “stunned at students who think it is their right to contest their grades,” perhaps you never read this excerpt from Yale’s Instructors’ Handbook:

    “Students may from time to time approach you to question or even dispute a score or grade they received in your course. It has long been the norm at Yale for instructors to be responsive to such questions, provided, of course, that the student’s request is civil and reasonable.”

    Also, to address the issue at hand (waiting for grades), I’d like to remind everyone that the “deadline” was for PROFESSORS to submit grades. If the registrar’s office has to do recording by hand (I’m still unclear about this point), then the grades can’t possibly be available at the “deadline” if a professor submits them only seconds before. And, just as we can turn in papers just before they’re due, professors really should have until the deadline.

  • Billy the kid

    I am. I imagine Sir William got caught up doing more important things and the deadline slipped his mind… by 3 days

  • another Prof

    I have a friend who teaches in humanities and says that if he gives a B+ or worse, he has to prepare to have long arguments with the student in question. The question is not whether grades are infallible — of course not. The question is whether this is just a negotiation process, and the professor has to decide whether to fight to maintain grading standards, or cave in so he/she can teach the next course…

  • #85

    I am not talking about “correcting errors.” I am talking about angry, abusive email from students who have not even picked up their exams (which happens a lot–they do not even bother to see what I thought before arguing with their grade); long hours of arguing about whether my judgement has any role in grading (as opposed to, for example, a roommate who read the essay and thought it deserved a better grade); and, as someone already noted, the perception that the only reasonable grade is an A.

    In some departments at Yale, if you give a student a B+ you had better be prepared for a lot of anger and argument. In others, B+ is about the average. That reflects willingness to argue, not differences in student ability.

    If this is arrogance, I plead guilty.

  • a not so humanities major

    Okay every time a person brings up grading in a humanities class I cringe. That is not what this discussion is about. We all know the grading on papers and other writing is subjective. The relevant point here is that in classes with no curve and numerical inputs it is easy for a student to calculate the grade that they actually deserved (not speculate on what they thought they deserved on a final paper). As such, the policy exists to allow changes that rectify any miscalculations or clerical errors, not so that humanities majors can negotiate their grade. If humanities professors choose to be soft and let students decide their grades, that is their problem. I can’t imagine that saying, “under no circumstances will I reevaluate the subjective measure I’ve already given you” involves a long argument. The conversation can stop there

  • JE’11

    Yeah, has anyone emailed Nordhaus about not getting their grade yet in Intermediate Macro? I emailed my TA but she never responded.

  • to #100

    Your friend should talk to Prof. Darden. I’ve taken a few of his classes, and he gives a full range of grades (A-F); he must have either an inexhaustible reserve of patience or a system to deal with such complaints.

  • Waiting

    Four days after the deadline, and despite correspondence with professors and the registrar’s office, I still do not have half (!) of my grades. In the meantime, this has caused me to hand in an entire slew of incomplete graduate school and job applications. Something, I feel, should be done to prevent these types of things from happening in the future.

  • Nordhaus came through

    Lol….. took a while. But late is better than never I guess.

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