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Two shot outside Alpha Delta Pizza

Two men were shot early Saturday morning at Alpha Delta Pizza on 371 Elm St.
Two men were shot early Saturday morning at Alpha Delta Pizza on 371 Elm St. Photo by Courtesy: GoogleMaps.

Two men were shot outside Alpha Delta Pizza on 371 Elm St. early Saturday morning, according to the New Haven Police Department.

Emergency services found 32-year-old Sherman Marks outside the restaurant at 2:34 a.m. with a gunshot wound to his left foot. Paramedics, who reported to the scene after receiving reports that gunshots had been fired in the area, transported Marks to Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Shortly afterward, at 2:40 a.m., 24-year-old Marquis Moore walked into Yale-New Haven Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to his left thigh area. Moore told authorities that he, like Marks, had sustained his injuries outside Alpha Delta Pizza. Moore had been transported to the hospital by female friends.

Both men’s injuries were non-life threatening, and they are listed in stable condition.

Marks and Moore were not able to identify or describe the shooter. According to the account of one witness, the perpetrator was a 5-foot-11 black male wearing a black-and-gray long-sleeved shirt and a black baseball cap. As of Saturday afternoon, the NHPD had not made any arrests in the shooting.

  • wtf

    this is on campus. honestly.

  • ESS

    elm street slums babyyy

  • Chief Perotti

    Why has Chief Perotti not emailed the Yale community yet about this? Unacceptable.

  • Recent Alum

    #3, “the perpetrator was a 5-foot-11 black male wearing a black-and-gray long-sleeved shirt and a black baseball cap.” Doesn’t this explain why (in light of the excessive PC-ness on campus) Chief Perotti could not send an email to the Yale community on this?

  • y’09

    Recent Alum, you must realize that that makes no sense.

    Chief Perotti has sent out plenty of emails in the past in which either (1) he didn’t specify the race of suspects, or (2) he did. So clearly he feels he has both options available and wouldn’t let that stop him from performing his legally mandated duties. So stop whining about “PC-ness”.

    It probably does have something unfavorable to say about Yale, though, namely that they’d like to avoid announcing recent crimes whenever possible. In this case, they probably can get away with it either because it’s not on campus or because it happened during a time when school isn’t in session.

  • Veritas

    More likely it wasn’t reported because it was off campus and didn’t involve a Yale affiliate.

  • y’11@y’09

    Based on the fact that YOUR response makes no sense, I’m going to guess that you fall in the ranks of excessive PC-ness mentioned by “recent alum.” His point, I believe, is that every time Perotti sends out an email in which he mentions the race of the perp (despite the fact this is standard procedure), people get all riled up and assert that he wouldn’t do so if the person in question were white, or that announcing race doesn’t help and only worsens stereotypes. Hopefully you see the breach in logic in both of these arguments; if not, I have no desire to interact with you far enough to debate the topic any further.

    You reap what you sow, Yale.

  • off campus?

    you could (with a good arm and some luck)hit alpha delta with a rock from the bookstore. dozens of students live NEXT DOOR to where this happened in the elmwood, dozens more across the street in the lynwood, and a lot more in all of the houses on elm and lynwood streets. not to mention the fact that university sponsored on campus housing at arnold hall is 400ft from the front door of alpha delta. if students are ‘safe’ on one side of the street and might get shot on the other, doesn’t it stand to reason that you ought to push that boundary out a little further? i just want to get a wenzel and not get SHOT

  • skeptic

    Perotti’s emails are a matter of compliance with certain federal regulations. As such, they include AND exclude certain places, persons, and events. Yale is not co-extensive with New Haven even though we co-exist together. Stop whining and looking for things to be aggrieved about. Perotti is doing a pretty good job in a nearly no-win situation.

  • @skeptic

    It’s easy to say stop whining until a Yale student actually gets shot. The same thing happened last year on High street. Even though Perotti did send out an email in that case he acted as if the shooting occured on Crown St. They should be emailing about shootings that occur around any area with a lot of students living off campus, regardless of federal reguations. This part of Elm St. and High St. have an enormous amount of students living there.

    I, for one, don’t want to be walking back from Alpha Delta or Rudy’s, which I do often and sometimes at the time the shooting occurred, and get shot.

    It’s far from whining.

  • FailBoat

    Race should always be reported. It’s a very important physically identifying trait.

  • Hypocrates

    I wonder how many innocent dark-skinned people were being shot and killed in Iraqnamistan by white soldiers while this incident was occuring? Or is that, as Kramer would say, “kooky talk”?

  • y’10

    I’m typically one of those PC people, but including the race of the perpetrator just makes sense. It’s a physical trait that people can’t change easily. I’ve gotten into arguments with some people about this, and my question is, then how are you going to identify the perpetrator? They usually answer their clothes. Um, they can just change into different clothes easily.

  • Correction

    The only time students objected to Chief Perotti using race was when it was used with so few other details that the description given was ineffective, at best, and arguably inflammatory. Students invited Chief Perotti to a meeting after he sent out an email describing the suspects as Black men in their late teens or early twenties. Not only did this scant description do nothing to help Yalies and New Haven residents identify the suspects/protect themselves better, but it also effectively labeled every Black man in his late teens or early twenties (incl. Yale undergrads, grad students, employees – even young professors would have fit the decription if they looked younger than their age) a suspect. Trust me, Black men have a hard enough time walking around campus alone after dark (people cross the street – even if they’re wearing Yale sweaters, slam gates in their faces because they think they don’t belong, even call the police on them from time to time) without having Perotti justify these fears by labeling them a suspect in an official Yale email. And that’s not even considering the effects this type of email could have on Yale-New Haven relationships. At the meeting, Chief Perotti sheepishly admitted that sending out such a ridiculous description was unhelpful and promised to refrain from using race without more specific and substantive detail (though a couple winters ago he did send out an email describing the suspect as a Black man wearing a Black coat and a Black beanie when beanies were quite popular – again, not quite helpful). Students never objected to the use of race but rather how it was used in this one specific instance. It CAN be helpful in descriptions and this was discussed at the meeting as well. But it must be coupled with other information (and not just one – at least a couple) that at least makes the suspect(s) distinctive from every other Black male. For example, if he is a person of color, at least try to indicate his shade; approximate height, age, weight; any scars, tattoos or other identifying marks; clothing. C’mon, this isn’t rocket science.

    So please get your facts straight before you start accusing “PC” people of doing or “whining” about things they actually didn’t. It happens a lot on these boards and it’s quite annoying.

  • yale 2006

    you guys are clueless. a young college grad was shot and killed in a robbery right in front of my building in new york city, a few years ago, and nobody else in my building even knew that it happened.

    this is like the homeland security stuff – you’re more likely to get struck by lightning and about 100,000 time more likely to get killed by a speeding car, than by a terrorist (unless you live in manhattan), yet we’re spending billions and countless wasted hours worrying about terrorists.

    new haven is weird because every crime, no matter how small, is reported throughout the entire city. that’s a sign the crime rate is actually very low. if you look at metro to metro comparisons, new haven is one of the safest cities in the united states.

    boston and cambridge have had all kinds of totally random crimes, rapes, attacks and shootings against students there, but it’s not like people worry about walking out for pizza on a daily basis. and that crime in random, most of the new haven stuff is rival small dealers who get in fights.

    get out of your suburban bubbles and learn about what it is like to live in a big city.

  • FailBoat

    Describing an attacker as a black male in his early 20s is no different from describing an attacker as a white male in his early 20s. They’re not useful descriptions but neither are they inherently inflammatory.

  • offcampus’10

    yale 2006 – when people get shot in an area that is compromised virtually entirely of yale students, people should be talking about it. i don’t think people are going to not get pizza from alpha delta or grab a beer at rudy’s anymore – but it can’t hurt for people to be aware of their surroundings.

    i live a stone’s throw from alpha delta. fights break out there quite a bit, and most of the people there at that time of night don’t go to yale.

    the fact that so much stuff that goes on in that area (black people fighting at alpha delta, white people fighting outside rudy’s, thefts, cars broken into, homeless people dumpster diving) but the yale police seem to only be there when there are 20 year olds to bust who are buying liquor at zach’s next to alpha delta, is what bothers me.

  • TD’13

    What worries me is that this isn’t being broadcasted when so many students on and off-campus visit the area at that time of night. Not only are there a number of students living in the area, there are also a number of parties there.

  • No


    Do you know what’s really unhelpful? Complaining about race in emails. If you really want to help then actually help the black community, instead of taking the easy way out and shying away from the reality. Improve educational and occupational opportunities in the community, and become a mentor to young kids. That is, if you want to be helpful.

  • correction

    @ No

    I do that too. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  • Someone needs to say this

    A Google maps photo? Seriously? And this, what, two blocks from the YDN news office? How stunningly lazy, not to mention copyright-infringing.

  • adrina lin

    It’s “Market the Excitement New Haven”
    Funded directly from M.N.H. using plentiful taxpayers dollars. Funny you won’t see their kids within 10 miles of this – unless it’s Phellps at 10 am or early evening hours

  • 30-year Paper Trail of Racial profiling at Yale.

    I lived across from Rudy’s and diagonally across from Alpha Delta Pizz (which was called Bulldog Pizza the time)when I went to Yale.

    See my 1980 letter to Yale’s president A. Bartlett Giamatti (Sept. 11 post: “YALE BEATS HARVARD AGAIN: Racial Profiling . . .”) protesting racial profiling by Yale police on my graduation night.

    The Chief of Yale Police may have good reason to be cautious. There is a paper trail of racial profiling by Yale Police at least as far back as my 1980 letter.

    Paul Keane

  • Old Alum

    I’m curious what benefit an e-mail from the Yale police would have provided. This event happened in the middle of the night, on the street. The e-mail, presumably, could not possibly have been issued until hours later. What would anybody have done differently based on such an e-mail, as opposed to reading about it in the paper later? Did somebody mistakenly believe that it was safe to be out on that street at 2:30 on a Saturday morning when school was not in session?

  • lawl

    I love Paul Keane. He seems to know everything that everyone does wrong. We should elect the man president of New Haven.

    All hail President Keane! He’ll fix EVERYTHING.

  • @21

    …attribution is given…bottom right corner…

  • The Territory

    #25 (lawl)

    Hey–are you politely calling me a know it all? You know what: After a certain age you’re entitled to speak with authority, whether you have any authority or not. It comes with the territory, i.e., grey hairs.

    PS Thanks for the “love.”

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