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Clark to appear in court Monday

Raymond Clark III, the Yale animal lab technician accused of murdering Annie Le GRD ’13, is scheduled to make another appearance in court tomorrow, but is not expected to enter a plea, Clark’s public defender Joseph Lopez told the News in an e-mail message.

Lopez wrote that Clark will probably not appear before a judge tomorrow. Lopez said he and Clark’s other public defender, Beth Merkin, will “likely waive his presence and meet with him in private.”

Check back for further updates.

  • Michael

    Re: “former Yale animal lab technician”

    An earlier YDN story said, I’m pretty sure, that he has been suspended from the job. I certainly know I haven’t read he was fired because he’s a suspect in jail.

    So — “suspended Yale animal lab technician”?

    I’ll try to pin it down, so, again, put me down as “pretty sure” in this comment.

  • Michael

    Below is the last graf of your Nov. 4th story, “Clark’s relatives back at work”–

    “Clark, who did not appear at a court hearing for him Tuesday, has been suspended from his job at the Animal Resources Center, University President Richard Levin said in a campuswide e-mail the morning of Clark’s arrest.”


    That’s the last I recall reading about his status.

  • Marrilyn

    He did kill a young Vietnamese-American and he was suspended!!!
    So, he can go on for his hobby as a killer………for fun!
    Am I sitting in South America or North America? I wonder!

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