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Donald Kagan hospitalized after fall in WLH

Sterling Professor of Classics and History Donald Kagan was taken by ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital today at around 12:54 p.m. after he fell coming up the stairs from the basement of William L. Harkness Hall on his way to his final lecture for “Introduction to Ancient Greek History” in WLH 201. A hospital representative said his condition is now “fair.”

Chris Simon GRD ’13, one of the course’s teaching assistants, said in an e-mail that students found Kagan and quickly called paramedics. A student at the scene said the paramedics and the Yale Police arrived approximately five minutes later and took Kagan to Yale-New Haven Hospital in an ambulance.

Simon announced to the class that Kagan had had an accident and asked the students to leave through an alternative exit so as not to crowd or impede the paramedics.

“It was clear that the students were shocked and upset,” Simon said. “We are all very concerned on his behalf.”

  • y11

    Kagan is one of the best things about Yale. This is terrifying, and we all wish him the speediest of recoveries.

  • ’11

    Professor Kagan is the best teacher I’ve ever had. Please join me in praying that he’ll be okay.

  • tragedy

    A tragedy. We are all praying for his recovery.

  • ’12

    A brilliant historian, a wonderful teacher, and a decent human being. He is in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

  • Juan Diaz

    Donald Kagan was the best professor I had during my four years at Yale, and I graduated in the Class of 1981. I am so sorry to hear this. Let’s wish him a speedy recovery so that he can continue teaching his legendary Intro. to Ancient Greek History course.

  • y10

    I am in his class and happened to leave WLH at the same time he was taken out to the ambulance on the stretcher.

    As he was rolled out of the building I was relieved to hear him say…in a perfect Kagan voice… “Get me outta here!”

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