December 1st, 2009 | Uncategorized

A Grinch on Elm Street

No caption.
No caption. Photo by Sean Fraga.

A gingerbread house was stolen from the Elm Street window display for a local bakery around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Police found the munchy mansion smashed across the sidewalk in front of Ivy Noodle, whose employees said they had “no idea what happened.”

  • What!

    That’s so sad! :(

  • nice

    love the “munchy mansion”

  • Absurd

    So sad – I hope the vandals are caught and prosecuted for theft. What a disturbing pattern of behavior.

  • Why??

    This is ridiculous. New Haven store owners are trying to make New Haven a better place by investing time and energy into creating something beautiful, and it’s destroyed. That is really disheartening. I was lucky to see the gingerbread house before its destruction, and it was pretty cool.

  • Hungry

    It’s so sad that some people in New Haven have to steal to eat.

  • Vigil

    What Jerks, I can’t believe anyone would do this. We should hold a candlelight vigil

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