November 30th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Without public option, health care bill is “worthless,” Dean says

“Congress isn’t going to pass a bill that reforms health care,” Howard Dean ’71 said. “What we want is to have the kinds of choices so that we can reform health care.”

Dean, former Head of the Democratic National Committee and a 2004 Democratic candidate for president, addressed 50 undergraduates at a Pierson College Master’s Tea Monday afternoon. His talk on health care comes on the heels of the release of his new book, “Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Health Care Reform,” as well as the start of debate about the health care bill on the Senate floor. According to Dean, the most important component of the health care bill is the public option.

“If we don’t have a choice, this bill is worthless and should be defeated,” the former Governor of Vermont said.

  • Ray

    Some politicians will show considerable candor, or possibly just pander to their audience, when they think that they are off the record. I spoke with Tom Coburn R-OK in the airport a few months ago and he admitted that HB676 would eventually pass. Dean, Weiner and Grayson, the most vocal advocates of the public option, all support the do nothing bill being rammed through Congress now, even though it does not contain a public option.