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Police report more alcohol offenses over Game weekend

Fans tailgate before the Harvard-Yale game.
Fans tailgate before the Harvard-Yale game. Photo by Charlie Croom.

In addition to unseasonably pleasant weather, last weekend’s tailgate for the Harvard-Yale game saw heightened police activity.

Though the Yale Police cited only three minors for possession or consumption of alcohol last weekend, that was up from no alcohol-related infractions the weekend of the 2007 Game, the last one held in New Haven. Police also opened an investigation of selling alcohol to minors at College Wine on Church Street, according to the Yale Police crime log.

The citations come after students said they had seen police tighten enforcement of underage drinking laws in the weeks leading up to The Game. Students said they had been stopped by police officers who stationed themselves near liquor stores around campus, asking for identification.

Yale Police Chief James Perrotti said in an interview last week that a recent uptick in police activity near campus is the result of increased police surveillance of panhandling and public drunkenness, for which the Yale Police created a police detail before Halloween. The detail was not established to monitor underage drinking and alcohol purchases, Perrotti said, though Yale students have happened to “cross its path.”

University Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith said the creation of the new police detail does not reflect a change in University policy. Yale Police pay particular attention to Yale events such as Halloween and the Harvard-Yale game, Highsmith said.

Despite increased surveillance from police in the past few weeks, five students interviewed agreed that the tailgate was a success. It was a sunny, mild-weathered day as students arrived at the fields by the truckload.

“I think the tailgate is really nice,” Cyril Uy ’12 said. “There isn’t much animosity [between Harvard and Yale].”

  • BR 10

    Another example of irresponsible reporting by the YDN. Neither of the fine gentlemen depicted are under the age of the 21. If they are guilty of anything it is having a good time (and perhaps animal molestation…)

  • BR 11

    Those two gentlemen are awesome, for the record.

  • BR 11

    That’s just a photo of the tailgate generally.

  • jr ewing

    Nice pic – Of some dude, affiliate or some sort of hanger-on with a teddy bear that is unbecoming of a young male at a football game. He is holding a red cup,which may or maynot contain an alcholic beverage.

  • FailBoat

    The YDN consistently has the most unrelated photographs of any publication I’ve ever seen.

  • Duh

    Do you seriously think that it would be wise for them to post incriminating pictures of people under 21 drinking? That would be more irresponsible!

    The photo caption sums it up pretty well, people drinking at a tailgate…how are you going to say that is unrelated?