November 11th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Stiles freshman dedicates short film to Narcisse

Stilesian Avery Lanman ’13 never met Andre Narcisse ’12, but one week ago, he decided to write and direct a short film in Narcisse’s honor. It’s called “It Was Him” and you can watch it below.

Lanman explained his decision to make the film:

After Andre passed, I found myself really down. I knew neither Annie [Le GRD ’13] nor Andre, but there was this melancholy sadness that was overwhelming me. I came to think, over and over again, what would I do if I was a very close friend of Andre, or even a family member. I was convinced that if i was in that position nothing could ever be pleasing to me again…

With this film i wanted this idea to be more than just a message to those who have lost loved ones, but to touch everyone who experiences this negative energy in any aspect of life…

I believe everyone has some sort of a gift, some sort of happiness or color they bring to the world. Even if that gift is something as small as a good smile. That gift should not be shut down from the world because of negative energy. This is not to say to forget about loved ones when they pass, but to cherish the memories with that person. Use the memories, and the love to bring out the warmth in yourself. I dedicated this film to Andre because with his passing, he helped me come to that realization.