November 10th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Bike crash on Wall St.

Two individuals riding bikes crashed into each other on the sidewalk on Wall St. outside Woodbridge Hall. Yale Security and the New Haven Fire Department responded and the injuries to the riders do not appear to be serious, although the bike wheels were mangled.

  • HDT

    This just goes to show that even cyclists can cause damage when they break the law.

    Get off the sidewalk. Go the right way on a one-way street. If you need to be on a sidewalk or other pedestrian walkway, WALK your bike.

    However, New Haven needs to do its part too: provide bike lanes. Crack down on reckless drivers.

  • anoncy

    I hope the riders are not injured. Just want to point out that the law says no riding on sidewalks, and no riding the wrong way on a one-way street. It is much safer to ride in the street with traffic than to ride the way these cyclists did.

  • PC09

    This is why it’s illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in New Haven. These people should be given the $75 ticket set out in the law. If you have a bike, and you’re on a sidewalk, you should be walking your bike.

  • anon

    I hope that noone is injured, however, what were they doing that they did not notice each other??

  • dk

    I’m glad that no pedestrians were injured. Cyclists are a menace to pedestrians on campus and in this city.

  • cjd

    Shouldn’t Yale Police or New Haven Police also have attended to issue tickets?

  • Cyclist

    Anyone who calls for cyclists in New Haven to be fined for biking on the sidewalk without also urging the city to establish bike lanes is at best disingenuous, and at worst shockingly cavalier about the danger they would face in street traffic.

  • Anon

    There’s biking on the sidewalk like a madman out of control and then there’s slow biking, which doesn’t pose a threat to anyone…

    When faced between the choice of getting hit by a car or biking on the sidewalk, riders shouldn’t be blamed for taking the latter…

  • also

    “Cyclists are a menace to pedestrians on campus and in this city.”

    Well cars are a menace to everyone…I know a lot more people who died from getting hit by a car…

  • Y10

    I don’t bike myself, but I certainly don’t begrudge anyone who chooses to bike safely and courteously with pedestrians on the side walk, given that New Haven doesn’t have bike lanes and motorists don’t respect bikers as traffic. More bikers are in danger riding in the street than pedestrians are from bikers on the sidewalk. I knew someone who was sideswiped by a car riding his bike in New Haven, and had pretty severe injuries. If I had a bike in New Haven I wouldn’t want to ride in the street either.

  • yale employee

    This is definitely a sad situation, but Yale police, now wears the same uniforms as does Yale Security, the individual wearing the yellow shirt was a Yale Police Officer, and not a Security Officer

  • anonymous

    I don’t mind people who bike on the sidewalks in some situations–New Haven’s one-way streets are pretty inconvenient, and traffic on some streets is terrifying. But when I nearly get mowed down by someone who’s on the sidewalk and going the direction of traffic on York Street, I admit to wishing a rock in their spokes.

  • anoncy

    Bikers are in *less* danger on the street than on a sidewalk (unless they’re walking their bike). Roads are built for vehicles, and a bike is a vehicle. Biking far over to the right (in the gutter) encourages motorists to try to pass too closely. Bikers have to position themselves in the road so as not to encourage overly close passing.

  • bill

    re: anoncy

    First, Bikers are in virtually no danger on the sidewalk, and in my experience pedestrians are in less danger on a sidewalk on which people bike, than bikers are in when in the road. The general biker is more yielding to a pedestrian than a driver is to a biker. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been nearly hit by a driver turning right off of Edgewood onto Park (as I biked in the right direction) who doesn’t observe the stop sign properly because they don’t see any cars coming, and don’t recognize my right of way.

    As a biker I regularly position myself in the middle of the lane when biking, so as not to encourage close passing. However, because New Haven drivers are oblivious to my rights as a fellow vehicle (and there is absolutely no enforcement nor effort to raise awareness), I am either honked at, tailgated, or forced to the “gutter” by someone who tries to pass me. The worst of this is that public transit vehicles and police cars are a big part of the problem, not the solution.

    I don’t have a problem with the law as written. I’m perfectly happy to behave like a car when I’m biking, but only if the rights I have as such are upheld. Cars that tailgate and cut off bikes need to be ticketed, or at least warned. If we’re not going to get bike lanes in this city, at least put up street signs that say “Share the Road”.

  • HDT


    Please do not ride in the middle of a lane. You are not going as fast as a car, and a car does have the right to pass you (albeit with courtesy). You have no idea how nervous it makes me as a driver when a biker essentially forces me to drive all the way into the other lane to go around him–particularly when we’re going around a curve. Yes, the law says that bikers and cars are equals, but common sense says its a little more complex than that. I support your right to the road, and want you to have a pleasant bike ride–but until you’re biking at the speed limit, you have to let traffic go by, and give it room to do so. If a car is behind you, let the car pass. We’ll all feel a little safer that way.