November 5th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Franco arrives, Yale swoons

Berkeley College and the Yale Film Society hosted a Master’s Tea in Linsly-Chittenden Hall today with actor, screenwriter, director and professional student James Franco, one of Hollywood’s most swoon-worthy celebrities.

Franco, who has garnered critical acclaim for his roles in “Milk” and “Pineapple Express,” spoke about his newer roles as a writer in Columbia University’s Master of Fine Arts program and as a director at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

“I enjoy film, but I’ve been doing it for twelve years now. I went back to school because, for me, acting wasn’t enough,” said Franco, who followed the tea with a screening of some of his recently directed short films and a question-and-answer session.

The crowd in attendance was overwhelmingly composed of female students.

Read more in tomorrow’s News.

  • misogynywatcher

    “overwhelmingly composed of females…”

    …so basically you’re suggesting that all Yale women are little tweenie girls who giggle and swoon for cute boys?

    good job on the misogyny there, ydn.

    You need some effing sensitivity training, YDN.

  • no on one!!!

    this post is v v v heteronormative.

  • Y12

    it is a fact that the crowd was overwhelmingly female. i was there. it’s true. i don’t understand why that can’t be posted. if you think that fact shows yale women to be tweenie girls, that is your opinion and not something mentioned in the article. also, heteronormative howww? IT’S A FACT! LOTS OF GIRLS AT THIS TEA!

  • -

    they’re not suggesting anything, they’re just stating a fact. Most of the people who went there were female.

    You need some effing common sense training, misogynywatcher

  • james franco

    has done nothing except be pretty, and yet he draws a bigger demand for tickets than Spike Lee? k.

    also I know it was you who posted the second comment.

  • r546

    Is there something wrong with heteronormative? What does that mean anyway?!

    No doubt if the speaker has been Scarlett Johannsen most of those in attendance would have been male.

    Captain Obvious, where are you when we need you?

  • itsbeenreal

    I mean, nothing was implied by stating that the audience was overwhelmingly female. It’s a fact—you make of it what you want. But bias was inarguably absent from this article.

  • @ #5 by james franco

    Being pretty and staying pretty takes a lot of work. I would not underestimate the work he does.

  • misogyny watcher

    it’s a “fact” that most were female?

    First, how do you know? Did you examine their genitalia? And even if you did, would that suffice to prove their “gender”? The answer is no. You have no idea what gender those people were. Making assumptions about people’s gender on the basis of physical appearance is the height of heteronormative misogyny.

    Yes, sometimes facts are misogynistic.

  • concision

    also, it’s blatantly untrue that “nothing was implied by stating that the audience was overwhelmingly female.” when the article is that short, every sentence counts; what the author meant by that sentence was that there were a bunch of girls in the audience who were into james franco, which is both misogynistic and heteronormative.

  • @misogyny watcher


    I hope to GOD that you are satirizing the viewpoint you claim to represent. Please, please, PLEASE. Otherwise things are worse here than I thought.

  • Goldie ’08

    Misogyny watcher is being sarcastic, and it is funny. #10 concision is just being an idiot.

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