November 3rd, 2009 | City, News

DeStefano nabs ninth term; Elicker, Morehead, Jones win

Polling stations around the city closed at 8 p.m., and results from the municipal election are streaming in.

New Haven Mayor: John DeStefano Jr. 7715, Ralph Ferrucci 1720, Henri Sumner 254, Angela Watley 670

Ward 1: Mike Jones 110

Ward 10: Justin Elicker 618, Allan Brison 320

Ward 22: Greg Morehead 213, Lisa Hopkins 87, Cordelia Thorpe 18

  • Dodger

    Congrats ! Now go str8 to your room at Human Services. The people who made u have a favor or two to ask

  • Recent Alum

    Now that we have had one year to see the consequences of electing a President solely based on celebrity status, I would have thought Ward 1 residents would have known better…

  • Really?

    To compare Michael Jones’s Ward 1 Aldermanic victory to Barack Obama’s presidential victory is completely illogical. Judging Mike as an Alderman before he even takes the position is even more nonsensical. Give him a chance to show us what he can do.

  • Future Alum

    Recent Alum, how can you call Mike Jones a celebrity? Whenever people hear his name, they’re so unfamiliar that they always ask, “Who?”

  • who?

    well played #4; well played.