October 30th, 2009 | Uncategorized

News flash: Harvard’s Game T-shirts are lame

The Harvard Crimson’s FlyByBlog added a post yesterday about the best anti-Yale T-shirts on sale around Harvard’s campus in advance of this year’s Game. One of their favorites: a nod to the similarity between the Yale-versus-Harvard and Taylor-Swift-versus-Kanye-West rivalries.

Click here to read about the rest of the T-shirts.

  • Y ’13

    These are objectively horrendous. On the one hand you have lame, tepid jokes, and on the other you have Harvard enthusiastically taking on the role of Kanye West, who, if they haven’t yet received the memo, was kind of the a-hole of the situation.

    I’m not in charge of Yale’s t-shirts, but I know they’ll be better than this.