October 22nd, 2009 | Uncategorized

Yale, the #1 Gourmet Cuisine School?

College-admission-essay.com has released a list of the top 10 colleges in 19 different categories, and Yale has landed a spot on eight of those lists.

Top 10 Gourmet Cuisine Schools (#1)

Top 10 Schools That Are More Intense Than A Pressure Cooker (#2)

Top 10 Schools At Which You Will Become A Snob (#3)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses (#6)

Top 10 Schools at Which to Make Connections (#6)

Top 10 Schools At Which You Will Go Broke (#7)

Top 10 Schools to Meet Future Spouses (#8)

Top 10 Celebrity Spotting Schools (#8)

Click here to check out all the rankings.

  • hungry

    Did they actually try the food here?

    I hate lists like this where they don’t specify what criteria they used and how they were evaluated.

  • CC’09

    Actually, Yale’s cafeteria food is amazing compared to most (perhaps all?) universities I’ve eaten at.

  • BK’13

    This seems really arbitrary. A lot of the rankings are very questionable, and, like #1 said, they don’t specify what criteria they used to select these colleges.

  • Y10

    What #3 said. Especially the “Colleges you’ll go broke at” one. Did they just look at tuition, or did they include financial aid? Because some of the schools on there are the best deals on an education in the country if you consider financial aid.