October 20th, 2009 | Uncategorized

NYMag.com: ‘Where the News Comes From’

In the latest addition to the nationwide newspapers-versus-new-media debate, New York magazine published an unconventional report Sunday that analyzes how different media outlets report, and misreport, the news of the day. One of their case studies: coverage of the Annie Le murder.

From New York magazine:

“We took a random Monday— September 21, 2009—and gathered all the news that was reported that day from 84 news sources across the spectrum, including sixteen major papers; thirteen magazines; many prominent network, cable, and radio news shows; and eighteen news-focused websites. Then we chose seven stories and set out to determine who was responsible for the individual pieces of original reporting that advanced each one.”

Click here to download the PDF of New York‘s ‘Where the News Comes From.’

(Photo courtesy of nymag.com.)

  • anonymous

    the ydn did a good job covering the story, but self-promotional much?

  • cc’10

    Nothing like a little bit of self-congratulatory back-patting.

    Well, that’s okay, YDN. You really did do good with your reporting on the Le case, and dealt with the issue with far more sensitivity than most.

  • ’11

    Go YDN!

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