October 8th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Stay classy, C. O. Jones

Courtesy of c-o-jones.com
Courtesy of c-o-jones.com Photo by Yale Daily News.

C.O. Jones, the Mexican restaurant and tequila bar at 969 State St., has been named by Playboy Magazine as one of the 10 best tequila lounges in the country.

Their explanation: “Drinkers might miss the fact that the bar’s name spells the Spanish word for testicles, but it’s hard to ignore that this place has balls in a state better known for sweater vests than shots.”

Click here to read the complete “Playboy’s A List: Tequila Bars.”

But if you’re more interested in burritos than booze, click here to read Henry Connelly’s 2007 restaurant review.

  • Rick

    Why would someone refer to a 2007 review? Seems like the lazy way out for a reviewer. Congratulations to c.o.jones… I still like that place!

  • Nicole

    The best margaritas! Hands down and we love Karl the bartender. Friendly staff and the food is very good.