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Nancy Grace moves on

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No caption. Photo by CNN.

A sign that the media onslaught regarding Annie Le’s GRD ’13 murder has finally subsided: The television commentator Nancy Grace will not discuss the killing on her HLN program this evening.

Grace has spent much of her last eight shows discussing Le’s case. The legal commentator and former prosecutor first picked up the story about Le’s disappearance on Sept. 10, one day after the Yale graduate student was first announced as missing.

  • Alum

    How will Thomas Kaplan fill his time now?

  • Thomas Kaplan

    I have absolutely no idea.

  • Bryan


  • Alum

    I happened to find myself at a hotel over the weekend with nothing to do and watched a Nancy Grace show on the Annie Le murder. Yikes! She seemed a bad take off on a news show. CNN should be ashamed.

  • Stephen A. Cushner MD JD MPH, YC 1971

    Though hardly a serious Emmy candidate, Nancy does an admirable job as a much-needed advocate for Victims’
    Rights. As for Thomas Kaplan,he has shown poise and intelligence far beyond his years. He has a very bright future and Yale SHOULD be proud of his work.

  • Ivan

    Now only if we could get her to shut up about the rest!

  • Amy Franks

    I agree with #4. I saw her interview with Kaplan online. She is absolutely insufferable. Obviously her show has an audience but I don’t know how. She gives me a rash.

  • GraceIsHorrible

    Nancy Grace is horrible – an CNN should be ashamed. She is so annoying and superficial.

  • Michael B. Scanlon

    The redundancy is brain numbing.
    10 minutes of crap repeated 6 times.

  • Viewer

    I think this story must be especially dear to her heart because she lost her fiancé to murder when she was only 19.

  • Michael B. Scanlon

    She says she was engaged, but her Mother said in a NY Observer interview ” if she was she didn’t know anything about it”!
    Just another one of those “Nancy things”.

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