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Clark’s court date set for Oct.6

Raymond Clark III was arrested Thursday morning and charged with the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13.

UPDATE 10:42 a.m. | The prosecutor said before the court that the state has a “strong case” against Clark. Blue said it was a “very serious case.”

The bail commission asked that the bail be set at $1 million. The prosecution asked for $3 million. Judge Jon C. Blue held Clark’s bail at $3 million.

Less than three hours after he was arrested in Cromwell, Conn., Raymond Clark III is awaiting his arraignment at the New Haven Courthouse. His feet were shackled. The judge is Jon C. Blue.

  • larry

    The world is full of violence, verbal and physical. When I clicked to read the news, it’s mostly about killings, murders, bombings, rapes, arguments, big fish bullying small fish, …, from Asia to US to Gaza to Yale to Afghanistan to Iraq to everywhere, in every corner of the world. Look at Hollywood movies, most are rated R for violence and sex.

    May God bless Le’s soul and any other victims’ souls.

  • Bob

    It’s terrible that justice will not be served for another 10-12 years when this murderer’s life is terminated by the State. His execution will be, unfortunately, more humane than Ms. Le’s death.

  • Sooz

    Kudos to the NHPD, and the Yale security officers for doing a terrific job, with restraint and competence. Crimes can happen anyplace, and this one was dealt with swiftly and correctly.

  • Yale’ 13

    As a point of information for Bob, I don’t believe this crime will be eligible for a death penalty phase upon conviction due to Connecticut’s strict “aggravating circumstances clause” with regards to capital punishment.


  • JMH

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Annie Le’s family and her fiance’ at this difficult time.

    A beautfiul life ended so tragically and I agree that the police officials at all levels did their jobs well in bringing this arrest.

    May Annie rest in peace.

  • Lori

    This story saddens and angers me. Not only was Annie Le killed, all the people her work would have helped were killed, too.

  • loan ranger

    I would think that Clark’s legal team would first try to have a trial moved to another county…as it seems that Yale’s influence in New Haven, and the fact that Yale is on trial here would prejudice the trial’s outcome.