September 16th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Police monitoring motel where Clark is staying

A team of New Haven Police Department officers is surrounding a Super 8 Motel in Cromwell, Conn, where Raymond Clark III, a person of interest in the murder of Annie Le GRD ’13, is believed to be staying.

In an interview, Cromwell Police Department Captain Roy Nelson said “Our officers are aware of that and we are assisting them in any way that we can.” Nelson said he did not know whether an arrest was imminent.

Cromwell is less than 10 miles from Middletown, Conn., where Clark has an apartment and where authorities detained him on a pair of search warrants Tuesday evening.

  • Richart Scott II

    Seems like he is going to be arrested soon. But will we ever know what was going on between him and Annie Le?

  • Dannee

    My guess is eventually we will know heaps. Reading an article where girlfriend defends him has the scent of a problem Annie was probably having. But who knows. I reckon computer forensics people are all over this. Will Yale share any complaints if there were any filed or verbally done by Annie? I still will want to know if she filed any complaints and anything was ever done about it. Must have been hard if that did happen but if there who knows except probably LE and witnesses. Thinking of VT and how everyone knew there was a problem there. Just curious. Think the LE folks now know what they are doing.

  • Annie Bennett

    It is 2:30am and some newspapers are reporting there has been a DNA match with Clark, his arrest is immanent and a news conference is set for 7AM.

  • Candice

    I’ll sleep better when this creep is in jail. ABC news is reporting that he texted annie on the day she went missing asking to meet to discuss the care of the rats. So that would mean premeditation and first degree murder/death penalty case.

  • Cindy

    Actually all that indicates, if it is true is a premeditated meeting. It doesn’t mean he planned to kill her.

    It also doesn’t make it a capital case. Despite all the coverage, it’s just a plain old murder. A life sentence in CT is 60 years.