September 16th, 2009 | Uncategorized

Police: Clark is only ‘person of interest’ in investigation

Raymond Clark III is the sole person of interest in the investigation into the killing of Annie Le GRD ’13, though authorities continue to look for other potential suspects, police said Wednesday.

At a 5:30 P.M. press conference, New Haven Police Department Chief James Lewis announced that the police are now processing the evidence seized in four search warrants on the house, property, and vehicle of Yale lab technician Raymond Clark III and that more search warrants are likely. The investigation now rests chiefly on the physical evidence, Lewis said.

“I believe this case is going to end in an arrest,” Lewis said.

Lewis said the NHPD continues to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Connecticut State Police, and Yale Police Department to follow up on additional leads, but that analyzing the roughly 250 items taken from 10 Amistad St. are the primary focus.

He added that a DNA match found on any one piece of evidence would be enough to warrant an arrest within hours of the discovery. That match could come from any number of people, not just Clark, Lewis said.

“We don’t want to be accused of tunnel vision,” Lewis said.

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