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Medical students flock to community meeting

A community meeting at the Yale School of Medicine to reflect on Annie Le GRD ’13 had to be moved from its original location in the Hope Memorial Building to the Harkness Auditorium at 333 Cedar Street to accommodate the roughly 550 concerned members of the medical school community who chose to attend.

University President Richard Levin, Vice President Linda Lorimer, Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith, Security Director George Aylward and Chief Psychiatrist Lorraine Siggins were present to discuss new security measures being implemented on campus and answer questions from the community.

Although he was open to audience members’ suggestions that there be more police presence and camera surveillance in the area, Levin said those things may not have been enough to save Le.

“No amount of hardware can overcome the darkness of the human soul when an evil person decides to do a terrible thing,” Levin said.

  • Anon.

    Women at Yale, to save your life, don’t fight back! The autopsy results have not yet been reported, however presumably AL died while engaged in her struggle with an offender. Behind any closed door it’s he said-she said, and men at Yale are in the main cowardly. The victim they select will be vulnerable, of course, but it is your life on the line and that is the most important thing when in the lab, in the middle of an experiment, and there are no witnesses available.

  • Veracity

    By Anon. I AM ASTONISHED to read your post! The Medical Examiner has not disclosed the cause of death. i.e how Annie died. Why would you PRESUME and even take yet another step and ADVISE WOMEN at YALE or WOMEN ANYWHERE what to do if they are attacked? It appears to me you are assuming Annie was a rape victim and BECAUSE she fought back she lost her life, right? We do not know if Annie could have been fighting back because someone was trying to KILL her, why do you assume Annie’s actions contributed to her death? Or try to pass that along to any other woman any where. I implore you to really THINK about what you are suggesting and advocating.

  • Stephen

    Change the name of the building that she died in to her name. Annie Le GRD ’13 never left the building. Its only fitting. Annie Le GRD ’13 will always be remembered that way!

  • anonymous

    Why wouldn’t you want to fight back? Women at Yale- fight back! Don’t go down without a fight. And hopefully mark your attacker so he can be identified by a black eye or wounds of some sort. Commenter #1 presumes that someone tried to rape her, she resisted and he killed her. What was the option? She not fight, he rape her, and then kill her? ugh. It’s all so horrible. Condolences to her friends and family and the Yale commnity.

  • a yale community member

    The comments by Anon are disgusting and typical of the ignorance found in much of the side commentary during this very tragic event. To make assumptions about how Miss Le reacted to the violent crime perpetrated against is sick. Yes, women are targeted in sexual crimes more often and are more vulnerable to male predators. We as a society and Yale as a community obviously need to work harder to make it safe for women to live, work and study at Yale, or anywhere without fearing the violent and tragic death that Miss Le was subjected. A single criminal individual was most likely responsible for this terrible crime. Your comments accusing all Yale men “in the main” of being capable of this sick act are shameful and needlessly helpful in this sad time.