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Lorimer calls disappearance ‘most perplexing mystery’

The disappearance of Annie Le GRD ’13 remains “the most perplexing mystery,” University Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer wrote in a campuswide e-mail message Saturday night.

Lorimer reiterated many of the same themes she touched on in her earlier comments at a press conference this afternoon with representatives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Yale Police Department, the New Haven Police Department and the Connecticut State Police.

As at the press conference, she noted that items found at 10 Amistad St., where Le was last seen Tuesday morning, are being analyzed but that a connection to Le has not been established.

“As I am sure you understand, at this delicate time it is particularly unhelpful to begin speculating or jumping to conclusions,” Lorimer wrote in her message to the community. “If it does develop that a crime occurred, we want to do everything to ensure that the investigation proceeds as swiftly and completely as possible.”

Lorimer also said she has been in touch with Le’s parents and her fiance, Columbia University graduate student Jonathan Widawsky, who are all cooperating with the investigation.

Informational sessions about Le’s investigation with University Deputy Secretary Martha Highsmith, who oversees campus security, have already been held at 10 Amistad St. and elsewhere at the School of Medicine, and more will take place “when the deans think they can be useful,” Lorimer wrote.

  • protectkidz

    thanks for publishing the email for those of us not a part of the Yale community.

    ok, the choice of wording of the last sentence kind of creeps me out.

    She hopes that the “mystery” of Ms. Le’s disappearance is solved? How about hoping that Ms. Le is found safe?

  • anonymous

    Check her last Asian boyfriend out. You will find the answer there.

  • anon

    Lorimer’s message is absolutely pointless! Why bother to write something like this at all? She says she wants to give us an update, but all she is dong is repeating the same vague statements, such as: “If it does develop that a crime has occured…”

  • Josh

    Unless they have a suspect, Highsmith should be fired. Quietly and immediately.

  • gibbygervais

    Two years ago, Yale announced, with great fanfare, that it was going to help middle class students and their parents pay for college. Many news articles, including ones in the Yale Daily News detailed how Yale families — just like those at Harvard — would now pay, on average, about 10% of their income for tuition, room and board if their families made between $120,000 and $200,000. See:

    Unfortunately, Yale’s recent announcement, which touted an 8% increase of more financial aid for the class of 2015, seems to have been made at the expense of middle class parents making more than 130k. Please notice that Yale is no longer highlighting aid for families making between 130k and 200k. Why? Because financial aid has been reduced for those middle class families — and that fact was buried in the press release.

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