September 10th, 2009 | Uncategorized

‘Not a worry’ about fiance’s involvement, Lorimer says

Jonathan Widawsky, the fiance of missing graduate student Annie Le GRD ’13, is cooperating with investigators as law enforcement officials continue to search for Le, University Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer said in a telephone interview this afternoon.

“They’ve talked to him,” said Lorimer, who added that “there’s not a worry about” his possible involvement in the disappearance.

Widawsky — who has not spoken publicly about Le’s disappearance — is currently a graduate student at Columbia Universtiy. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Rochester, which Le also attended. The two are scheduled to be married on Sunday.

  • wondering

    Does anyone know what research or dissertation project this woman was working on before she disappeared?

  • A Friend

    She works on phosphotases in Anton Bennetts lab. She is known to transport mice between her lab and the building she disappeared in. It’s possible that she could be the target of an animal rights activist, but they aren’t common around Yale.

  • A thought

    And was the fire alarm in her building accidental?

  • Hmm…

    Cover for an escape? Either subject or perp?

  • Concerned neighbor

    I somehow don’t think it coincidental that Annie disappeared right before her wedding. Could she possibly have a secret admirer/stalker in the lab building who spirited her away to prevent the marriage?

  • SadFeeling

    I hope I’m wrong but there is an haunting feeling about this disappearance; it is so much like Chandra Levy. I pray that the outcome is not similiar–Oh, if only she is just a runaway. Let us hope…..

  • anna

    maybe the killer copy a crime from NY, in wish a woman enter to work in a building, never left the building. she disapaire they found her body late inside of air conditioning duct above the ceiling.

  • papa

    How is everybody so sure Widawsky wasn’t involved? What’s his alibi? Everybody else needs a “rock solid alibi”.