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A fall feast, courtesy six countries, a continent and a university

No caption.
No caption. Photo by Emily Suran.

Today’s Fall Festival on Old Campus featured cuisines from eight countries, but two of them were somewhat suspect. In addition to Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the United States, the country of “Asia” was included. Even more puzzlingly, a tent labeled Columbia — as in the university — also infiltrated the international food festival, offering up carne asada, black bean flautas, sonora salad and platano maduro. To the Yale College Council’s credit, they at least got the flag right.

  • note also that the “Columbian” food was actually MEXICAN…

  • Yale 2010

    Wow. Leave it to the YDN to mention one of the greatest things Yale Dining has done in years, and spend half the discussion complaining about a one-letter typo.

    I can’t imagine why YDS would ever want to bother putting together cool events if they were to get their impression of Yale undergrads from the nitpicky curmudgeons who write this.

  • Colombian

    It’s not so much a critique of the event, which was really great and should happen again, as much as it is upsetting to see your country’s name misspelled. I was really excited to have Colombia featured at the event and really enjoyed the food that I don’t get to eat on a regular basis. In short, I totally applaud the event and hope it continues to happen. I am, however, glad that this article appeared on the YDN mainly because I would like to help people who don’t know about my country at least learn what the correct spelling of its name is and that we have very different food from that of Mexico or of any other country. Consider seeing signs for the Oonited States or going to eat at an Emerican restaurant the way we always get to drink Columbian coffee, you would be upset too. I agree that much should be praised about the event, but it is also important to point out issues like this, especially when they touch upon things so precious as people’s identity and culture.

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