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Community-wide discussion planned in wake of ‘Scouting Report’

Several women’s athletic teams, sororities, student organizations and cultural groups are organizing a mediated discussion on sexuality at Yale to be held tomorrow in response to the recent circulation of an e-mail message ranking the physical attractiveness of dozens of women in the freshman class.

The discussion in Sudler Hall, originally slated for later in the year, was moved up to 2 p.m. Sunday in the wake of the anonymous “Preseason Scouting Report.”

“As a sexual being, this is a discussion we need to keep having — what does it mean to be sexual, to be healthy?” said Alice Buttrick ’10, the public relations coordinator for the Yale Women’s Center.

Buttrick added that the e-mail message will not be the event’s primary focus. “The e-mail is a shocking example of the kind of event that can happen on campus,” she said. “It is not an isolated incident.”

In addition to sororities, women’s athletic teams and other student groups, the Women’s Center has invited freshman counselors and Yale College administrators to the event, which is open to all students.

Beyond Sunday’s forum, Buttrick said the Women’s Center plans to write a letter to University administrators regarding Yale’s treatment of the e-mail. But the Center’s top priority is opening a dialogue among students, said Blair Lanier ’11, the Women’s Center business coordinator.

“It’s about starting a conversation between students that continues throughout the year,” Lanier said.


    I will say it again – casual sex leads to objectification. There is no other outcome. When a culture of casual sex evolves, as it has at Yale, people will think about and discuss with friends their potential parters as sexual objects.

    Until the Yale Women’s Center realizes that there are downsides to casual sex, they will never be a meaningful part of any ‘conversation’ that they attempt to foist on the Yale student body.

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    will Yale publish a copy of this email? No – it would be utterly disrespectful.
    by the same token, Yale had all the right to decide not to publish the comics of the prophet in the recent controversial book about the comics.

  • Dram

    @ #1, roflcopter, a culture of casual sex has evolved in America/Europe/most of the world. It is not unique to Yale. This always happens with old, decadent civilizations…see ancient Rome…I don’t see what talking about casual sex is going to do to change it; you’re not going to stop the people who want to from participating and perpetuating the culture.

  • Y10

    @ ROFLCOPTER Many people in the WC do recognize downsides to casual sex – that’s why they’re having this discussion in the first place – to discuss different opinions on sexual cultures. That’s the whole point – to combat Hook-Up Culture.