Uncategorized | 1:49 pm | April 26, 2009 | By Yale Daily News

Welcoming, belatedly, the new members of Whim ‘n Rhythm

The Whiffenpoofs were not the only singing group to announce their new members on Wednesday night.  Their female counterpart, the a capella group Whim ‘n Rhythm, also tapped their new class on Wednesday evening, as many, many less-than-pleased commenters have informed us over the past few days

Since this is an equal opportunity news blog, we present the new Whim class after the jump.

Allyson Lieberman – pitchpipe

Ashley Young

Natalie Carlson

Grace Oedel

Alyssa Reyes

Caity Richards

Liza Angila

Allison Bruff

Lita Tandon

Liz Olson

Kaitlyn Sanders

Jennie Nevin

Caroline Minkus

Gussie Binns-Berkey – business manager