YTV Broadcast: February 28, 2014

YTV broadcasts Friday at 3 p.m. with weekly headlines, original broadcast reporting, special segments, and interviews with major campus and world figures.

While You’re Watching:

1:15–Weekly Headlines

4:19–Toad’s Reaches for Student Support

8:48–Pheobe Staenz ’17 Brings Home the Bronze from the Sochi Olympics

13:57–Building Houses, Building Teams: Solar Decathlon

17:21–New Cigs, Old Policies

19:50–Everybody Has a Story with Cody Pomeranz: Fareed Zakaria


Visual Director: Isabel McCullough

Graphics Director: Raleigh Capozzalo

Line Editing: Raleigh Cavero, Kevin Kucharski

Script Writing: Madison Alworth, Raleigh Cavero, Kevin Kucharski

Music Composition: Alex Vourtsanis

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