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  1. There might be giants in New Haven tomorrow

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    They Might Be Giants

    In New Haven for the summer? They Might Be Giants – an alternative rock group that won a Grammy Award in 2002 for their song “Boss of Me” (the theme song for the TV show Malcolm in the Middle) – will be giving a free concert on the New Haven Green tomorrow at 6 p.m. The concert is part of New Haven’s annual “International Festival of Arts & Ideas” which runs from June 13-June 27. A full calender of events can be found on the festival website.

    TMBG won a Grammy this year in the category Best Musical Album for Children for their most recent album “Here Comes the 123s.” The show is also tagged as a “Family Concert.” We don’t expect any moshing.

    Enjoy this year’s festival because it may be the last; its future is uncertain because of budget cuts by the state.

    (Photo: International Festival of Arts & Ideas)

  2. Recapping the Clinton visit

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    Hillary Clinton LAW '73

    Hillary Clinton’s LAW ’73 trip to New Haven on Monday created a veritable buzz.  (According to the New Haven Independent, she even got to enter through the otherwise locked L-Dub gate! Seriously! Celebrities…)

    Shortly after Commencement exercises ended around noon Monday, she headed to the Law School to celebrate with the class of 2009. Check the video out here, courtesy of the Law School. When Acting Dean Kate Stith introduced Clinton in the courtyard of the Law School, the crowd of several hundred students and their guests gave the former first lady a standing ovation.


  3. Buckley’s Class Day speech

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    Buckley addresses the Class of 2009

    It was his second time speaking at a Yale Class Day, and for Christopher Buckley ’75, the second time was the charm.

    Buckley delivered his address to a packed Old Campus crowd of students and parents.

    “It was a bracing experience!” he jokingly told the News soon afterward.

    Although clouds loomed ominously on the horizon, the weather remained sunny and warm through the ceremony.  Buckley said he was especially happy with the weather because, as he put it, there is nothing more disheartening than “seeing people flee before you are done speaking.”


  4. The next best thing to Leo

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    He may not know Leonardo DiCaprio, but Robert Ballard did discover the wreck of the Titanic.

    Ballard, the famed deep-sea explorer, spoke at the Peabody Museum of Natural History late this afternoon to a packed auditorium. He shared a lifetime of experiences investigating the ocean’s mysteries — from ancient shipwrecks to undersea black smokers — for the final installment of a lecture series celebrating the opening of the Peabody’s Hall of Minerals, Earth and Space.


  5. ‘Portfolio’, with Eli at the helm, bites the dust

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    Joanne Lipman ’83 is out of a job today as Conde Nast has announced that Portfolio, the fledgling business magazine for which she is editor, has been shuttered, effective immediately.

    Portfolio made a splash when it launched in 2007 with Lipman, a former News editor who had been deputy managing editor for The Wall Street Journal, as its top editor.  But the magazine ultimately could not overcome the economic downturn, with advertising pages falling more than 50 percent in the first quarter of 2009.

  6. Larry Summers falls asleep on the job

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    Seriously.  In the White House.  As President Obama was speaking at a meeting with credit card industry leaders.

    As The New York Times put it: “Americans may be struggling to pay their credit card debt. But for Larry Summers, President Obama’s chief economic adviser, the issue is apparently a snooze.

    For the record, we have never seen President Levin fall asleep on the job.

    (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

  7. ‘Growing Up Buckley’

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    Christopher Buckley ’75, the speaker at next month’s Class Day, has a lengthy excerpt from his upcoming book, “Losing Mum and Pup: A Memoir,” included in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine.

    Buckley writes that his book is “an account of becoming an orphan,” after the death of both of his parents in an 11 month span. Buckley spends a considerable amount of space describing his relationship with his father, famed conservative and former News chairman William F. Buckley ’50, who died Feb. 27, 2008 at 82. (Read the News’ obituary here, and coverage of his memorial service here.)

    “Recently, I was driving behind a belchy city bus and suddenly found myself thinking, not for the first time, about whether Pup is in heaven,” Buckley, the co-founder of the Yale Daily News Magazine, writes in the excerpt. “He spent so much of his life on his knees in church, so much of his life doing the right thing by so many people, a thousand acts of generosity. I hesitate to put it this way, but I’m dying of curiosity: how did it turn out, Pup? Were you right, after all? Is there a heaven? Is Mum there with you? Grumbling, almost certainly, about the ‘inedible food,’ and saying, ‘Bill, you’ve got to speak to that absurd St. Peter creature about getting Christopher in — I mean, it’s all too ridiculous for words.’ ”

    (Photo: The Collection of Christopher Buckley, via The New York Times)

  8. Putting a price on Larry Summers

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    Maybe you’ve wondered: How much would it cost to bring in a former Harvard president to give a big-time guest lecture in SSS 114?

    Now we have an answer: $10,000, according to financial records released by the White House earlier this month.

    Former Harvard President and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, who is now President Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser, collected more than $2.7 million in speaking fees from investment banking firms (including $35,000 from Merrill Lynch and $135,000 from Goldman Sachs), universities and other organizations since leaving Harvard, according to the White House documents.

    And one of these universities was Yale, where Summers presented two talks as part of the Arthur M. Okun Lecture Series in April 2008 for the comparatively small honorarium of $10,000.  (You can watch them here and here.)


  9. Barbara Bush ’04 to marry fellow Eli, report says

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    Former First Daughter Barbara Bush ’04 is said to be engaged to marry fellow Eli Jay Blount ’05 (above) this summer at the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, the Web site StyleList.com reported Tuesday.

    “Barbara and Jay are getting married this summer in Kennebunkport,” the Web site quoted a source as saying. “It’s very quiet, but their friends know.”

    A spokesman for former President George W. Bush ’68 did not immediately respond to a request for comment, the Web site said.

    (Photo by Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images)