LETTER: 2.10.12

February 10, 2012 • 1054
Putting the pressure on Iran During her visit Monday, Christiane Amanpour spent a good deal of time discussing Iran and advocating a stronger, more committed policy of engagement toward Iran, specifically something greater than the Obama administration has tried. This issue was lightly touched upon in the News (“Journalist asks for U.S. foreign policy change,” »

LETTERS: 2.9.12

February 9, 2012 • 5
Don’t let up on politicians No disrespect to either Jack Schlossberg (“Rally Behind the President,” Feb. 6) or President Reagan, but Schlossberg’s suggestion that Democrats adopt Reagan’s golden rule — the idea that one should not criticize a politician simply because of the letter beside their name — is absurd. If there is a legitimate »

LETTERS: 2.2.12

February 2, 2012 • 782
A better use for federal funds In his article (“Needle Exchanges Work,” Jan. 26), Scott Stern argues that federal funding for needle exchange programs should be reinstated. The proof that clean needle exchange programs reduce the transmission of diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C among intravenous drug users is clear, but I question the »

LETTERS: 1.30.12

January 30, 2012 • 2
Sorry we’re not the gentry I’d like to offer deep gratitude to Alex Fisher for his “Defense of Gentrification” (Jan. 27), the snobbery and callousness of which gives us in the anticapitalist movement useful fuel for our fires in these cold winter months. The camp at Occupy New Haven has felt somewhat dejected lately and »

LETTERS: 1.24.12

January 24, 2012 • 18
In defense of Bahrain’s government Faisal Husain (“Terror in the dark,” January 19) presented a grossly distorted account of what has been happening in Bahrain. Nowhere does he mention that King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and the government of Bahrain responded to the tragic events of last year by calling for a national dialogue »


January 17, 2012 • 5
Personability matters in educators Antonia Woodford’s article (“Grad School divided over interviews“; Jan. 11) reveals a disturbing aspect of graduate work in the humanities. Faculty opposition to the policy of interviewing applicants illuminates how we have neglected the role of teaching in scholarship. Faculty insistence that “personabilty” is irrelevant to work in the humanities (as »

LETTERS: 11.28.11

November 28, 2011 • 0
Not invincible For all our intelligence and talents, Yale students seem to accidentally hurt themselves and others alarmingly often. Being surrounded by gifted people who make everything look easy causes us to have undue confidence in our own abilities and to overlook the gravity of what we’re doing. The first thing you learn from your »

LETTER: The philosophy of military ethics

November 15, 2011 • 1
Last night, I had the opportunity to attend a fascinating talk about the complexities of fighting terrorism. Professor Asa Kasher, a philosopher from Tel Aviv University who helped write the Israeli Defense Force’s Code of Ethics, spoke on Israel’s protection of human dignity when fighting terrorists. He described the seven-step process behind a targeted killing »

LETTER: Make the Mass accessible

November 15, 2011 • 6
Travis Heine’s recent column argued that the upcoming changes to the Roman Catholic mass are for the better. I’m not so sure — as a Roman Catholic, I think the changes sound pretty horrid. The author says some of the current phrases used are opaque — well, I don’t know how you hope to fix »

LETTER: Slifka’s disgraced guest

November 15, 2011 • 3
The Slifka Center disgraced itself by presenting a talk by Israeli philopsher Asa Kasher. According to Ha’aretz columnist Amos Harel, Israeli soldiers tactics in Gaza in the winter attack of 2008-09 were based in part on “ethical theory” developed by Kasher. Respected human rights organizations regard Israel’s Cast Lead attack as replete with human rights »

LETTER: An alderman to be proud of

November 9, 2011 • 2
I owe belated thanks to Saybrook College Dean Paul McKinley for deciding in the summer of 2007 to place Mike Jones ’11 and me in the same cramped suite in Lanman-Wright Hall. Mike and I grew to be close friends, and I consider myself lucky to have lived with him for all four years of »

LETTER: An alderman’s role

October 27, 2011 • 1
Colin Ross’s recent column (“Candidates neglect policing,” Oct. 26) was frustrating to read. Ross’s portrayal of Vinay Nayak’s view that “the mayor and police chief should be the only ones directing how cops fight crime” is misstated. The Board of Aldermen should always have a clear voice in advocating for policing reform, which involves cops »