LETTERS: 12.12.12

December 12, 2012 • 0
Letters from Diez, Brisman.

LETTERS 10.19.12

October 19, 2012 • 212
Finding resources about Yale-NUS The establishment of Yale-NUS College in Singapore is and will remain a subject of debate here and around the world. We urge members of the Yale community to inform themselves about this project. The best way to do so is to join the web site named “Yale and Singapore,” on the »

LETTERS 10.17.12

October 17, 2012 • 981
Clarifying Yale-NUS policy In the light of Professor Benhabib’s and Professor Miller’s response to your article of Oct. 10, “Yale-NUS develops student group policies,” we would like to clarify certain matters, some of which may have been unclear in your report and others overlooked by our esteemed colleagues. Political groups in general are not banned »

LETTERS 10.8.12

October 8, 2012 • 1608
Safety’s legacy “Thirteen-year tradition ends”? I don’t know about “consecutive years,” but my friends and I danced Safely, and rather more safely, as far back as 1995, my junior year at Yale. If recollection serves, the Safety Dance is even older; I think it was around my freshman year, 1992. It’s hard to tell from »

LETTERS: 9.21.12

September 21, 2012 • 1753
Welcome, Chipotle Dear Yale, New Haven, and all lovers of Chipotle, You’re welcome. Obviously, Chipotle’s decision to open the company’s first location in New Haven had everything to do with our column several months ago (“Yale needs Chipotle,” Feb. 22). Really, we’ll also go ahead and take credit for Shake Shack, Tomatillo and cheese polenta »

LETTERS 9.18.12

September 18, 2012 • 1166
Levin’s legacy of support for the arts The News’ generally positive article on President Levin’s accomplishments in the arts did much to describe the effectiveness of his leadership (“Reinvigorating the Arts,” Sept. 14). Nonetheless, the piece suffers from significant misstatement and omissions. It is false that Levin implemented projects like the renovation of the Art »

LETTERS: 9.7.12

September 7, 2012 • 983
Don’t be down on Yale-NUS In recent discussions of President Levin’s legacy, Nathaniel Zelinsky (“Five quick takes on Levin’s retirement,” Aug. 30) and others suggest that Yale-NUS College is an exception — a misstep in an otherwise great career. I and others actively involved in Yale-NUS, believe, as does Levin, that Yale-NUS will prove to »

LETTERS: 9.4.12

September 4, 2012 • 2182
In defense of DS Sam Cohen (“Redirecting Directed Studies,” Aug. 31) reprises some of the standard objections to DS that I have heard now for over a quarter of a century. I would like to respond to two of them. Cohen complains that the “History and Politics” section “is really about political philosophy.” Really? What, »

LETTERS: 8.30.12

August 30, 2012 • 3
Yale-NUS is committed to liberal arts I read with interest Ryan Pollock’s recent op-ed (“Keep the Liberal Arts in Fashion,” Aug. 29). I disagree with his conclusion that “By signing on to Yale-NUS, our administration expresses its agreement with the Singaporean government that the ideas or skills we get out of a liberal arts education »

LETTERS: 4.19.12

April 23, 2012 • 1
The real reason for Israel’s existence I write in response to Sam Lasman’s elegant column (“Poetry, not politics,” April 17) in which he takes up the paradoxical struggle that goes back at least to Plato regarding the role of poetry in the realm of politics. Mr. Lasman’s attention to language moves me to note and »

LETTERS: 4.5.12

April 5, 2012 • 0
Yale-NUS and Yale-New Haven We often tell ourselves that no email is really private; nevertheless, it was a surprise to discover that a small portion of an email I had sent to some of my colleagues about Yale-NUS was published in the News (“Yale Takes Brand to Singapore,” March 27). These are informal exchanges not »

LETTERS: 4.4.12

April 4, 2012 • 1
Gays still persecuted in Singapore I am glad that Austin Shiner, as an admissions officer of Yale-NUS and a new public face of that emerging institution, is so gay-friendly (“Gay night in Singapore,” April 2). It is also nice to see him concede the value of civil liberties. Such a stance cannot be taken for »