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CHIANG: For a better place

October 20, 2014 • 0
Earlier this month I visited the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School on College and Crown to observe a senior journalism class as part of an assignment for one of my courses. What I saw taught me that there’s still much work to be done for New Haven youth.

BINYAM: Porous borders, dangerous parts

October 17, 2014 • 0
Ebola is frightening precisely because it alerts us to webs of transnational interdependency and mutual vulnerability. We’re surprised by the porosity of our borders, and our reaction is a desire for security and self-containment.
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WASSERMAN: In service against Ebola

October 17, 2014 • 0
Instead of engaging in gratuitous fear-mongering, we should devote those energies to figuring out how we can get help where it is needed most. We, as a University, must encourage more of our qualified physicians, engineers, biostatisticians and epidemiologists to offer assistance in the fight against Ebola.

PLOTT: For Buckley College

October 17, 2014 • 0
Buckley’s legacy reminds us that, as Yalies, it is our duty to pave the roads we see fit, even if we find ourselves journeying them alone. And once we start, we must not stop.

ZIA: For Hopper College

October 17, 2014 • 0
As a woman studying mathematics, working in the Navy and doing research in computer science, Hopper was often the only female in the room.

JONES: For Bouchet College

October 17, 2014 • 0
A first-generation student of color and a first-class scientist, Bouchet is a role model for the Yale community. Though he came from Yale’s past, in many ways he represents the University’s future.

PERDUE: For Yung College

October 17, 2014 • 0
Because of Yung's dedication to learning, the links he forged between China and the U.S. and the model he offers for international education and cultural exchange, it is only fitting that Yale signal its dedication to truly global learning by naming a college after him.

GITLIN: For Webster College

October 17, 2014 • 0
Choosing Webster would re-emphasize Yale’s role in American history and culture. It would also reinforce our ties to Connecticut and resonate deeply with the history of Yale.

BLACKHAWK: For Cloud College

October 17, 2014 • 0
More than an educational leader and reformer, Cloud was a dedicated father, community member and Ho-Chunk speaker.

DARWALL: Slavery, reparations and Yale

October 16, 2014 • 0
What is our responsibility, here at Yale?

KHURI: A campus for us

October 16, 2014 • 0
The "It's On Us" campaign seeks to provoke conversation and make us sit down together and reflect how we can help change our campus culture.
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GREENBERG: Vigilant love

October 15, 2014 • 0
Evil will always exist in the world. To defend what we love, we must always be vigilant.